ferule paddle I used yesterday.

Lion suggested a narrower paddle for his second spanking with the new technique. The only narrow paddle we have is a bit too long. I opted for the round-headed bloodwood paddle. I already knew I probably wouldn’t be able to do alternating swats because I’d have to hold his cheeks open. I’d get in my own way, and I’ve accidentally swatted myself too many times to try again.

In the past, Lion said it was okay to hit his upper thighs. When I started doing that, he told me I was hitting too low. Last night I hit his upper thighs and it was okay. I may just have to take him for a tattoo of a bullseye so I’m sure I’m hitting where I should. That way he can’t move the target.

As I suspected, I couldn’t do alternating swats. What I could do was hit a few swats here and then a few swats there. I haven’t had a chance to search for a different spanking pillow. We may have to use a combination of pillows. I’d like one that spreads him open enough that I don’t have to put my fingers in danger. I shouldn’t be getting swatted. I did quite a few swats across his crack. I’m sure I can do better, but it was pretty good.

Lion’s buns were on fire by the time I stopped. He was a little bloody, but nothing that required blotting up. Maybe the alternating swats lets the skin rest just long enough to bleed less. I have no idea how long I swatted him. I was just trying to go long enough to make an impression. Given the bruises that appeared to be forming, I think I achieved that goal. I’m not saying that’s the worst spanking he’ll ever get. I’m still learning to flex my muscle. And I still have to practice.

After I was done with my shower, I sucked Lion to a nice orgasm. He still needs practice with orgasms. Luckily, we both like practice.

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  1. Good job! I see the redness extending as far as can be seen into his cleft, and right onto his high inner thighs as well. As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words. I can vividly picture the paddle application and technique, and resulting yelps, that caused this!

    1. Author

      I still have to figure out how to get right into his crack, but it’s a start.

    2. She found spots that I didn’t know I had. OW!

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