Pushing the Right (Wrong) Buttons

Last night’s attempt at arousing Lion didn’t go very well. I can’t remember what was on TV but it was obviously more interesting than my playing with him. Finally he asked if we could try again later. That usually means we’re done for the night. I don’t feel too bad about it. We had a long day and we both needed to decompress.

We went into Seattle for an eye doctor appointment. I usually forget the time of the appointment so Lion set me up with Outlook and said I’d love it. I don’t. However, it does sync up our schedules. Before we left, it informed me that his appointment was at 2:30. We had to wait a long time and when that happens, Lion gets antsy. He wants to leave. I don’t like waiting either but I’d rather wait than have to come back at another time. We already used the gas to get there, we might as well stick it out. Sometimes I tell him he can’t go anywhere because I drove and I have the keys. This time the valet had the keys but he isn’t able to drive anyway.

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Lion kept insisting his appointment was at 2. I said I thought it was at 2:30. I don’t have Outlook on my phone so I couldn’t really check. And it didn’t really make much difference anyway. I wasn’t leaving so he wasn’t leaving. When we got home, the reminder for the appointment was still on my computer screen – 2:30. Sometimes even I’m right. [Lion — She’s usually right.]

The other thing that annoyed me yesterday, and should have resulted in a spanking (and it may still), was when we were getting ready to leave. He wanted to leave at 1. No problem. When I was dressed, I put my hoodie on. I usually don’t put a jacket on until I’m ready to leave because I get too hot. Lion said we were early. Okay. He went to do something. I went to do something. We came back together, and he said I was rushing him. How? I had my jacket on, and he knew I was ready to leave. Well, yeah. But would it have been different if I had a long-sleeved shirt on instead of a hoodie over a short-sleeved shirt? I could have been hot either way.

The second time, or third (I lost track), he mentioned it, I ripped off the hoodie. Was it really that big a deal? He said it made it look like I was rushing him, and we had plenty of time before we had to leave. Anyway, now the hoodie was off, and I realized the reason I hadn’t been hot was that it was chilly in the house. Hence, without the hoodie, I was chilly. But could I put the hoodie back on? I didn’t think so without being accused of rushing him. Sheesh!

Yes, I guess this does rise to the level of punishment if writing about it brings it all back up again. It wasn’t enjoyable. I was annoyed. Lion annoyed me. Annoying me deserves punishment. Lion will be punished. Happy, Lion? You managed to push all the right buttons. Or maybe it was the wrong buttons.


  1. Hell hath no fury ….. ?

  2. I got my comeuppance today too. Over the last few days I’ve been feeling unwell and pretty much confined to bed. Not only does that mean no punishments but Mrs Luthor has been lovingly waiting on me. Today I happily announced that I was feeling much better only to find out that there was an overdue trip over her knee. I was a little pouty but after a short lecture I fetched and handed over the paddle. I lay bare-bottomed over her knee and my spanking was horrendously painful! She tells me that there’s more to come tonight. I wonder if I should be “sick” again? However, that would be a lie and lies accrue punishment.

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