A Good Review For Fan Mail And A Spanking For Annoying Mrs. Lion

I want to thank Julie of strictjuliespanks, my favorite spanking blog, for her post about my book, Fan Mail. She offered me excellent editorial help and encouragement. Mrs. Lion put in endless hours helping me too. I’m working on the second book in the Leslie Peters series. Writing is my job now. Hopefully, it will bring in enough money to help us keep going.

I’m learning a lot about writing. It takes a lot more time revising and editing than it does to write. Once published, it’s incredibly hard to get noticed. If you buy and read my book, please take the time to go back to the Amazon listing and leave a review. Positive reviews go a long way to help.

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As Mrs.Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I annoyed her and earned a spanking. I’m not happy about that, of course. I do think I need to clarify things from my perspective. She was upset because I told her that it looked like she was rushing me out for my appointment because she was sitting at her desk in her jacket. She didn’t respond when I said it. A short time later, I repeated the comment. Again, not a word from her. [Mrs. Lion — I responded both times that I was not rushing him.] She just angrily took off her jacket.

I got the message at that point she was upset. I wasn’t trying to piss her off. If she said, “I’m cold, and it’s more comfortable with my jacket on,” all would be fine. She didn’t growl or snarl at me. I felt bad when she took off her coat in a huff and tried to apologize. She just told me it was all right. Don’t get me wrong. I deserve the punishment. I did annoy her. Letting me know via her post is a step in the right direction. It’s progress in an area that has been very difficult for her to manage.