Lion thinks I need to make notes for myself so I don’t forget things. It may be a good idea, but make a note where? He’s a big advocate of Outlook. I use it for work and I do keep track of his appointments there because they usually require me to adjust my work times. I don’t use Outlook on my personal computer mostly because I don’t necessarily like it. If I had time to go into Outlook on my personal computer, I may not have 2000+ emails right now.

He creates reminders for the garden so he knows when to feed and when to drain and feed. I don’t keep track of that at all because the farms are his realm even though I’m the one who does everything. He even creates reminders for punishment day and to set up the coffee pot. I’ve always thought that was cheating, but it helps him save his butt so I never said anything.

Anyway, today he told me I need a reminder to write a post. Sometimes it’s not a matter of forgetting. I usually write my posts the day they’re published. That means I’m usually working. Sometimes I’m bogged down with what I’m doing and can’t take time to write. And I tend to write the play-by-play account of what’s going on. If there’s not much happening, what do I write about? (Reminders?)

So here’s what happened last night. Lion did an injection of Quadmix to see if it would work as well as the Trimix did a few days ago. It didn’t. It gave him sort of a boner and we gave it a good try. I even thought he was almost there, but something changed. He lost it. I think we’ll try a higher dose of the Quadmix at some point. We’ll use it up because it’s expensive and we don’t want to waste anything, but I think we may have better luck with Trimix. He may need a stronger mix of it though.

That’s the play-by-play. I don’t even think that was 100 words.