The silly Lion has informed me that he thinks eating raisins would be preferable to soap in his mouth. It makes perfect sense. But why admit it? Silly boy. He’s also asked about my previous plans to do more anal training. I think when we’re both feeling better, we might just start up again.

I’ve also been thinking about a new rule for Lion. It’s similar to his rule for interrupting me. When we got the new cage, he was in a hurry to try it on. Can we do it? When can we do it? Then he wanted to try it with the plastic lock rather than the padlock. He came around to my side of the bed so I could swap them. Right that second. When I asked him about it later on, he said he wasn’t in a hurry. He rarely comes around to my side of the bed. That, to me, signified that it was in a hurry.

Before I’d even talked to him about it, I was trying to figure out if it should be a rule. Now that I have talked to him, I’m still wondering. Maybe he really wasn’t rushing me. Maybe he didn’t realize he was rushing me. If he doesn’t realize he was rushing me, I think it needs to be a rule. We’ll have to talk about it more to see if a rule is needed. I’ve just been mulling it around in my mind.

It’s difficult for me to find new rules that are actual problems. Lion would have an easier time finding rules for me. Fortunately, for me, he’s not allowed to give me rules. He’s only allowed to nag me to do things for my own good. Damnit! When I find a rule like rushing me, I’m leaning toward instituting it. It’s an actual rule as opposed to spilling food on his shirt. We’ll see how it goes when Lion and I talk. In the meantime, I will continue to think about new rules for him. There must be other things he does that drive me nuts.


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    Had soap put in my mouth by Mom when I swear at her as a kid…never more after that.


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    A no rushing Mrs. Lion rule makes perfect sense. I won’t suggest it to my wife–she’d probably go for it in a heartbeat and we already have enough rules…lol

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