Don’t Forget

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Some people think that things just “come naturally.” Mrs. Lion beats herself up because she can’t seem to follow through on sexual/BDSM things she wants to do to me. She doesn’t want to let me down. It isn’t that doing this stuff isn’t natural for her. She has the same issue with almost everything else. It’s tough for her to remember to follow through with things. For example, she has difficulty putting things away that she takes out.

This isn’t a character flaw. She hasn’t figured out how to manage these things. I have a strong tendency to forget to do things. That’s how I’ve earned a lot of spankings for not setting up the coffee pot. Enough sore bottoms motivated me to develop a system to assure that I don’t forget. Maybe Mrs. Lion needs a similar system.

I switched my personal email to Outlook. It has a great calendar feature. I created recurring “appointments” for things I needed to do. Every night at midnight, Outlook puts a reminder on my screen to do the coffee pot. The reminder is on my desktop when I sit down at the computer. It stays there until I close it out. Voila!

Mrs. Lion could do the same thing. Just create reminders for what she plans to do to me. Since she uses her iPad a lot, she can set Outlook up on it. She could also use the Apple calendar, which has great reminders. Before using Outlook, I used the Apple calendar to remind me of punishment days. Another spanking saver!

She could also go low-tech. Make lists. A lot of people use lists to keep themselves on track. Finally, she could try what I’ve been working on for years. I try to remind myself to put things away as soon as I’m done with them. Maybe this is a fertile field for Mrs. Lion’s rule-making. Failure to put something away gets me spanked. She could just remind herself without the spanking.

There’s one other tool that would work in two ways. She could put a Post-It note on the bathroom mirror to remind her what she plans to do to me. It would not only help her remember, but it would also give me a coming attraction.


  1. It’s good that there is Outlook, otherwise all our houses would be covered with stickers.

    1. Author

      Yup. I have them on my monitor instead.

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