Two Hands Full

Last night I was able to get Lion to the edge. I knew I hadn’t the other night but I thought the previous nights I had. I’m not sure now. At any rate, he got there last night and I guess that’s all that matters. Although, he did miss a key part of something I was doing.

While I was sucking him, I was squeezing his balls lightly. At first I was only using my left hand. The right wasn’t in a good position to do it. When I was sure I was on the right track, I shifted to allow my right hand in on the fun. Now each hand had a ball to squeeze. Again, I wasn’t doing it hard and he seemed to be responding to it. I think I edged him three or four times before I gave my weenie a little kiss and left him to recover.

A little while later, I asked him if he liked my squeezing his balls. He said he didn’t notice. Hmmm. He said he was otherwise occupied. Yeah. I get that. But I know he knows when I tickle his balls. You’d think he’d notice when I squeeze them. Maybe he did notice on some level and that’s why it seemed like he was responding. Maybe his brain, depleted of blood flow, couldn’t register it. That’s what I choose to believe.

The other night I was thinking about using clothespins on him. When I started to snuggle with him and test the waters, he bounced right out from under the covers, ready to be sucked. I certainly wasn’t going to discourage him by my need to use clothespins. I don’t have a need to use them. I just figured they’d help him get excited. No harm, no foul. Maybe I just want it on the record that I was prepared to use them. We talked about needing more BDSM. Perhaps Lion has turned a corner and is getting back to his horny self. I like that. But there’s nothing saying we can’t use those clothespins even if he is a horny boy.

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