Clothespins and More Clothespins

clothespin with rough liner
Here is how we line the clothespins with the 3M anti-skid tape. We cut pieces just the right size to cover the “business end” of the clothespin. We stick a piece on both sides (top and bottom). That’s it. You now have a low-cost, intense toy to apply to nipples and genitals. (Click image to see details and how the clothespins look on Lion’s balls)

Last week Lion said my record was 35 clothespins on his balls. I didn’t think I got that many, but challenge accepted. I said I would do regular clothespins Saturday and the tougher ones Sunday. So Saturday we sat down and made more of the sandpaper ones (NSFW images). Then I gathered up the necessary regular ones and proceeded to put 35 on Lions balls. It was a tight fit, but I was determined to do it because he insisted that was how many we’d done before. Now suddenly he was saying he misspoke. In the picture there were less. Too late! 35 it is. [Lion – The picture showed 25 on my balls]

Along the way I was stroking him and sucking him. He can’t have pain without some pleasure. When I’d taken all the clothes pins off and played with him a bit more, Lion couldn’t help but ask if I was going to do the sandpaper clothespins. He never learns.

Why don’t you quit while you’re ahead?

Oh no. Not Lion. Full speed ahead!

So I figured if he was going to be that silly, I’d oblige him with the tougher clothespins. This time, even though they were more painful, I did more at a time but I still stroked him to keep his interest up. Plus, a hard penis stays out of the way better than a softy. The more clothespins I put on, the more faces Lion made. Too bad. I was on a mission. 35 sandpaper clothes pins later I was done. I stroked and sucked him and Lion loved every minute of it.

[Lion – Actually, the clothespins are lined with anti-slip floor treatment. The grains are larger than normal sandpaper and further apart so that the force of the spring is concentrated in small, painful points. Regular sandpaper feels about the same as the unmodified clothespin. The NSFW pictures show how we make them.]

Later, as we were watching TV, Lion said, “Poor Lion.” I asked him why he was a poor Lion. He said because he didn’t get to come. I asked if he expected to and he said no. Then he can’t be a poor Lion. When he said it again later I told him if his date changes then he can say he’s a poor Lion. Or maybe I should change the date just so he has a reason to say it. It could be my equivalent of saying, “stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about.” Nah. I don’t mind when he says it. A certain amount of grumbling is funny.

Today I’ll get him in the sling and we’ll play a game of “how much menthol rub can a Lion take before he cries uncle?” He should have let me do the sandpaper clothespins today. Silly Lion.

[Lion – She told me she was going to do both the menthol rub on the balls and the clothespins. She never said it was sandpaper clothespins or menthol. I would have waited for the sandpaper clothespins to avoid the menthol rub. Ben Gay is a menthol rub, by the way]

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