Lion made a face when I brought out the Box o’Fun. I left it sitting on the bed for a few minutes. When I finally looked inside I found only two cards in there. We must have gotten tired of ignoring figging and pegging and gave up on the box. There’s no way I was starting out with either of those. I found the other cards and added them back to the box. Lion made a face again.

He was tired. All he has to do is say he’s too tired or sick or in pain and we don’t have to do anything. Being sick or in pain will get him out of punishment too. Being too tired will not. And I’d guess a red butt has the power to wake a fellow up. I was tired too, but I would have done whatever he wanted. I’m usually tired so it’s hard for me to figure out how tired is too tired.

I know I’m in charge and I did say we were going to being out the Box o’Fun with the hope of jumpstarting things, but I’m not a dictator. There are many reasons why we shouldn’t play on any given night. The whole purpose of playing is to turn Lion on. I’m already fighting an uphill battle lately. I don’t want to do anything to him if he’s not going to enjoy it. Yes, I know he doesn’t really enjoy IcyHot. But he sort of does. Mr. Weenie gives him away. The point is, even if it wasn’t just for him, I wouldn’t want to force him to do things.

I wonder what would have happened all those years ago if I had said I didn’t want to spank him. What if I had said I’ll spank him but that’s where I draw the line? From time to time, Lion says he’ll give up BDSM. I think he lasts a few days before he regrets that decision and wants to play again. I think we might have continued on with our relationship if I agreed to spank him but go no further. I don’t know how much longer he would have “put up” with me, but spanking might have sustained him for a while. If I had said no to spanking I think we would have been done pretty quickly. But I digress.

I will bring out the Box o’Fun again tonight. We’ll see how Lion feels about it. If I get the sense that he’s making a face because he doesn’t want to do particular things in the box then we’ll have to have a discussion. Maybe I take those things out. Maybe he sucks it up and we do what it says on the card that he picked. It’s not up to me. He picks. I just do what the little voice on the card tells me to do.

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  1. I too am feeling a little like Mr Lion. I’m a husband in a FLR with DD and as such we have a similar arrangement to yours. I transgress a set rule or rules and I get punished for it. Mrs Luthor has a number of implents at her disposal and she is not afraid to use them in order to discipline me.

    Today and even yesterday I’ve just been feeling a little under the weather and Mrs Luthor has been waiting on me and looking after me. It’s highly unlikely that she would want to put me over her knee while I’m like this. I just have no energy or drive for anything.

    For what it’s worth, I’d put away the box o’ fun for now. Wait until you sense the vibes from Mr Lion and then get back to the business of disciplining him.

    It’s day time here as I write (LA time zone) and I’m lying in bed happily reading through your plethora of blogs and it’s keeping me entertained! Thank you for sharing your DD life for others to read. I have read so much that I feel I know you!

    Hope 2021 brings everything that you wish for!


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