The Bottom Of The Box O’Fun

Life is very quiet here right now. There is only one more week of the Federal $600/week unemployment supplement. I’m still on furlough and without that extra money, we will have a very difficult time. Perhaps the government will do something in its new stimulus package. We hope so.

lion's box of penalties
Only a few cards are left in the Box O’fun. At least one is for menthol rub on my balls.

As far as I know, the Box O’Fun and sexual activity are still optional for me. Mrs. Lion hasn’t said anything about making it purely up to her. She hasn’t said anything about tightening up discipline. That doesn’t mean she won’t. It just means she doesn’t want to discuss it with me.

There are just four cards left in the Box O’Fun. Mrs. Lion is sure that one of them is for the blue menthol rub on my balls. It feels like just yesterday that she slathered that nasty stuff down there. Since she pulled out duplicates, the number of cards is considerably fewer than before. That means my least favorites: dollhouse clothespins on the head of my cock, Icy Hot roll on, and blue menthol on my balls come up much more often nowadays.

Mrs. Lion thought I would like the card that calls for a coconut oil handjob. I don’t. At the right time, the coconut oil feels great, but as a play choice, it isn’t working for me. I expect Box O’Fun cards to be about CBT and other BDSM play. Directly going to sex doesn’t feel right to me.

The other night I picked the butt plug card. Instead of passing over it, I asked Mrs. Lion to go ahead and plug me. I have a love/hate relationship with anal activities. It’s a little like spanking. It’s exciting to think about and not always very comfortable to experience. We have a rather large collection of anal toys. It would be a shame to waste them.

When Mrs. Lion gave me my last orgasm, I had the NJoy butt plug up my ass. As I got more aroused, I felt myself clamp down on it. I think it added to the excitement. Mrs. Lion worried that it made the orgasm less pleasant. It didn’t. If anything, it added to the pleasure. In the past, with larger plugs up there, the clamping at the moment of truth can be a little painful. Regardless, the orgasms are always big fun for me.

Mrs. Lion was very smart to invent the Box O’Fun. It has turned out to be terrific foreplay in our peculiar sex life. Sex is purely altruistic for Mrs. Lion. She isn’t interested in sex for herself. Everything is for me. I truly appreciate how much trouble she takes to give me a good time. I just wish I could reciprocate. Since I can’t, the Box O’Fun is a way to add variety without stressing her to come up with things to do.

One thing she can do is to add cards back to the Box before it is empty. That way she can repeat favorites and since she is adding them back, she can control the spacing between occurrences. Wouldn’t it be a bitch if she kept returning my most hated activities to the box, particularly when it is nearly empty?