The Lion Lottery

Mrs. Lion and I make frequent, often-worrisome references to the Box O’Fun. This is a “gimmick” she invented to add spice to our play. She wrote BDSM activities, one-to-a-card on index cards. These activities range from a benign ball bondage session to tiny dollhouse clothespins applied to the head of my penis. She’s included everything we’ve ever done on one or more cards.

I’ver always managed to talk my way out of the meanest activities before the Box was created. Mrs. Lion is committed to performing what ever is written on the card I select. As you probably guessed, I can’t see what’s on the cards until after I pick one. They are folded in half. She keeps the Box locked in the same safe that holds the key to my chastity device. I can’t cheat and remove particularly odious “prizes”.

I like that we are going to use the Box again. Lioness 2.0 is going to push the limit on anything I select. I also like that. It isn’t that I want lots of pain. At least I don’t think I do. It’s more about how hot it is to surrender control to her with the full knowledge she’ll hurt me. That’s a big turn on!

The Box O’fun assures I will suffer a variety of activities. Each card I select goes into a storage box and isn’t returned to the Box until I have picked all of the cards. That means sooner or later those little clothespins will be decorating my cock head. It’s inevitable. I like that too.

The Box also has anal cards too. They tell Mrs. Lion to stuff various toys up my ass. Nothing’s been up there in months. In case you wondered, when Mrs. Lion thinks of something new, she creates one or more cards for the activity. That’s the other thing. There is more than one card for some activities. I don’t know which activities have dupes or triples. When we get back to playing with the Box more often, I’ll find out.

I like the gamification of BDSM. I enjoyed our Zapardy game. Spanking games are exciting too. I always enjoyed games where there were penalties I had to pay. I love when the penalties are inevitable. It’s no fun if I can talk my way out.

There’s one thing that we may have missed with the Box O’Fun. The box contains lots of mostly-painful activities, but doesn’t specify how long the activity should go on. Mrs. Lion may want to consider whether she needs to modify the game a bit to cover duration.

She also may have some new ideas as well. I’ll find out when I pick the right (un)lucky card.

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