Begone 2020

I admit it. “Begone 2020” was one of my passwords for a while. I’ve had some creative passwords over the years. None were as relevant as the passwords for this year: “2020Sucks,” “Stupid2020,” etc. To be fair, last year was a tough one for us too. Lion had several surgeries and I was happy to be done with 2019. Little did I know… For that reason, I’m not getting my hopes up for 2021. The virus will still be around. Nothing will be back to normal until much later in the year, if then. For now, I’ll just say I’m happy to be rid of 2020.

I was able to play with Lion a little bit last night. He got hard for a brief time. He didn’t want to come out from under the blankets because he figured he wouldn’t last long anyway. He didn’t. But I hadn’t put too much effort in either. Sometimes he thinks I’m rushing him so I started of with snuggling and some exploratory touching. I figured I could build up to more. Lion seemed to be enjoying himself even if he didn’t get all the way to edging. As long as he’s having fun, I’m happy.

After we were done, he said he thinks he’s gotten too old for sex. I don’t think so. This year has put a lot of stress on everyone. He’s been out of work for a long time. Who knows when he’ll be back. His unemployment benefits, like those of so many others, expired and the government took its damn time to extend them. Every time we go out the door, we’re in danger of catching the virus. That’s a lot to worry about. No wonder he’s not in the mood for sex. Most mornings, I’m not in the mood to get out of bed.

Obviously, I can’t pinpoint when he’ll be back to himself. I’m just pretty sure he’s not done with sex altogether. I think he’d have to be comatose for that to happen. And even then, he’d probably still be sporting a boner.

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  1. When I read your blogs it makes me realise how similar your situation is to ours. Here’s to health, wealth and happiness in 2021.

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