Thank goodness that the COVID relief bill was finally signed. We depend on the unemployment money to live. I’m hoping that by the time that runs out we will have some income from my writing. The dream is that book sales will replace unemployment. Of course, I have no idea how realistic that is. Deep down I worry that no one will want to buy it. That won’t stop me. I’ll just keep writing until someone buys my books.

We had some fun on Monday night. Mrs. Lion sucked me. I love that! I think we may need to do some BDSM. I was lucky she was able to suck me. That migraine she came off knocked her out. I’m pretty tired too. I have no idea why. Maybe writing and editing is more taxing than I think.

I’m getting a product to review. It’s a voice-activated lockbox. It learns its owner’s voice and will only open with the magic words. This is perfect for a convenient way to store male chastity device keys. Maybe all Mrs. Lion has to do is say, “Open Sesame” and she gets access. I’ll report more on the device after I get it.

Those of us experiencing orgasm control and domestic discipline over the long term may develop our own unique reactions to these practices. Is it possible that we change slowly over time as a result of these things? Maybe my issues with ejaculation are the result of losing control over when I get to do it. I’ve wondered about that. If I can’t control when I can come, maybe I’m unconsciously controlling when I can’t. It could also be that the combination of economic worry and the pressure of trying to write commercial prose are taking their toll. I don’t know.


  1. The main thing is not to stop writing. Sooner or later it will work.

  2. I’ve read about those voice activated lockboxes. Please let us know how it works out for you. While I like wearing the key around my neck when I have husband in chastity, the lockbox might be a nice change every once in a while. Thanks!.

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