Passive-Aggressive Sighs?

I know sex is important to Lion and, yet, it still surprises me how much. Yesterday, I was okay for the most part. I’ve had stomach concerns for a few days, but it hasn’t been bad. Last night we had pizza. I’m ok to eat. If you asked me how I feel before eating, I’d say I’m fine. My stomach doesn’t feel sour or crampy. However, about a half hour after I eat, things change. The pizza changed things a lot. Then my contacts dried out. As I was removing them, I told Lion I was sorry I was such a mess. I was also tired but that’s an every day occurrence.

It was about 9 when I asked Lion if he wanted to do anything. He hadn’t been particularly responsive to my brief attempt to see if he was willing. He said it was okay if I wasn’t feeling well. By that time I was fine again. My stomach was behaving, my contacts were out so no more dry eyes, and I could have given him attention. Instead, he sighed for the rest of the night.

Now, I can’t be positive the sighs meant he was horny and upset that he hadn’t had attention. I’m assuming. Stereotypically, when a woman sighs, it means the man’s in trouble. Boy, if you can’t figure it out you’re in the dog house. I don’t believe I sigh when Lion has done something I don’t like. I get quiet. When I sigh, it’s because a game I’m playing isn’t going well or I’m achy or otherwise not feeling well. I’m sure there are other reasons, but it’s not a passive-aggressive reason.

Yes, I’m working on growling at him when he makes me mad. No, I’m not good at it yet. Luckily, he doesn’t make me mad often. If the sighs last night meant he was upset he hadn’t gotten attention then it makes me mad. But I don’t know what those sighs meant. This is the nonsense that bounces around in my mind. No wonder I don’t growl at him often. [Lion comments — for the record, I don’t sigh when I don’t get something. I don’t remember sighing at all. I’m very sure it wasn’t for lack of sex. I am unlikely to ask Mrs. Lion. I hate doing that. But one thing I’m not is passive-aggressive. If Mrs. Lion thinks I am unhappy because I want sex, why not ask me?]

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