How Do We Fix This?

We may have a failure to communicate in the lions’ den. Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday that I didn’t respond to her overtures when she came over on the bed to snuggle. I think that I did. When she put her hand on my thigh, I purred. She commented that her hand was pretty high up for that. What did she want me to do, yell “hint, hint, I’m horny!”? When she didn’t respond to purring, I scooched over to get as close to her as I could. At that point, I figured that she wasn’t feeling great and didn’t want sex.

I decided that I didn’t want to keep asking, “Do you want to do anything?” every night. For one thing, it made me feel that I was pressuring her. She might feel guilty about refusing. So, I figured that she would take the lead if she was in the mood.

When we began male chastity seven years ago, Mrs. Lion agreed to tease me at least once every other day. She faithfully unlocked my chastity device and teased me at least that often. More often than not, she did it every day. I didn’t have to say anything. More recently, this has been true as well. When Mrs. Lion initiates I know she feels well enough to do it, and she is in the mood.

If I ask, she will only say no if she is very sick. I have always had trouble initiating sex. I believe my failure there may be partially responsible for her loss of libido. My problem hasn’t gone away. I don’t like to ask for  one-way sex. That’s even harder than the kind that results in an orgasm for Mrs. Lion. I’ve been doing it lately, but I feel very guilty when Mrs. Lion starts sucking me. The guilt may be partially to blame for me not reaching the edge.

While I wear a chastity device, it seems to act as a reminder for Mrs. Lion to unlock me and tease me. When I am not wearing the device, she forgets. I’m perfectly happy to be locked up again, especially if the result is guilt-free blow jobs. It may be that we need me locked up for sex to work.