I’m not really a fan of making decisions. The other night we were sitting in Pizza Hut waiting for the waitress to come over. And waiting. And waiting. And Lion was getting antsy. He doesn’t like to wait. He asked if we should stay or leave. Stay or leave. Stay or leave. First of all it was Lion’s idea that we have pizza. I was fine eating anything at home. Why did we come here if we weren’t going to eat here? We could have ordered and picked it up and we’d have been halfway home by then. Stay or leave. I don’t care. But that’s not an option. I needed to make a decision.

I knew he was very close to making a rude comment to the waitress by the time she got to our table. Nevermind the fact that this particular Pizza Hut is always slow. Stay or leave. Fine! Leave. But first we needed to place an order. So more waiting. And then it wasn’t very good anyway. He said he always thinks Pizza Hut will taste better than it does. If only I had put my foot down and said I didn’t want pizza. The thing is, I didn’t care if we had pizza or not. I would have rather stayed home, but he really wanted pizza. Hindsight is twenty-twenty.

Last night was punishment night. He only had one item on his list. I didn’t tie him down. He was only getting four swats. Very hard, but still only four. The other night he suggested that more swats that weren’t as vicious might be better. Really? For whom? I give him a certain number of hard swats because that’s what I decided to do. Do twenty semi-hard swats send a different message than ten very hard swats? Will he feel the sting more if there are many regular swats than if there are a few vicious swats?

At one point he said more swats will leave a bruise. Then I should do a lot of swats but the last one should be hard to leave a mark. What if I don’t want to leave a mark? What if I don’t care if he feels it in an hour? What if I want to give him six very hard swats because I’ve decided that the four things on his list at the point in time deserve six very hard swats? If I have to punish him then I should be able to do it the way I want to do it. If he questions my decisions then I may just decide not to punish him anymore. After all, my making the decisions was his idea.

Last night was also a play night. Lion said he wasn’t very horny and asked if we could put off play night. Not a problem. We can skip a day, change to every three days, only do it when he is horny. I’m flexible. He can always postpone an orgasm or play night. The only thing he can’t do (without a coupon) is add extra orgasms or play nights. But I can. That’s the good part about being the decision maker.


  1. Author

    It sounds lie there is a lot of topping from below going on here. A and who goes on trial for committing a crime does not get to dictate what the penalty is. That is up to the judge. Sometimes they can plea bargain, but the judge can refuse to accept it. If you want to give him hard swats, by all means, swat away. Punishing him should not be anything about his choice. It is punishment, not play time. Hold your ground and do it your way. He will likely respect you more.

    1. Author

      I’m not sure it’s too much topping from the bottom. It’s probably more accurate to say there’s not enough topping from the top. I need to be more decisive. Im not a fan of being decisive.

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