Last night as we were getting ice cream for dessert, an interesting thought occurred to me. Lion literally has vanilla tastes when it comes to certain foods. He does like the occasional fudge brownie cone and he likes chocolate shakes, but when it comes to sundaes, he prefers vanilla. If I have vanilla it’s going to have some chocolate chips in it. I prefer chocolate with more chocolate in it. Or mint with chocolate chips.

Lion’s “vanilla” taste carries over into pizza. He’s a sausage guy. Just sausage. I like my pizza loaded with meat and, if I must, vegetables. I’m not much of a vegetable person, but they are fine on top of pizza. Buffalo chicken pizza? Count me in. Buffalo chicken anything actually. I draw the line at anchovies and pineapple on pizza.

Of course, Lion does like exotic foods. It just struck me as funny that this man, who enjoys the kinkier aspects of life, would want vanilla ice cream and “boring” pizza. I think I’m just more adventurous when it comes to pizza and ice cream, and he’s more adventurous when it comes to everything else. Maybe opposites really do attract.

Yesterday, Lion was feeling better. He said I had a hand in it when I asked him to do the assignments. I’m glad. When I thought of the panties I figured I was just showing him some control. I was pretty sure he’d like that part even if he didn’t like the panties. I guess it worked. He looks silly in his frilly green panties with random roses on them, especially with the cage showing through. I doubt he feels pretty at all, but I picture him doing little pirouettes. Did you hear that? He just said, “Humph!” while he read that.

I was able to get him excited and edged him a few times. Yes, I wanted to give him an orgasm even though he just had one the other day. I restrained myself though. He needs to wait a little longer. His scheduled date is three days away. He can make it till then. I can make it till then too. I think.