In a state filled with nowhere, I hesitate to say we’re in the middle of nowhere. I usually say we can see nowhere from our current location. Once again we are without cell service and wi-if without driving for miles, but we have satellite reception so that calms Lion. What we do have is good pizza. That’s really difficult to come by. When we moved to the northwest several years ago we left behind good pizza, good bagels, good Chinese food and Dunkin Donuts, among other necessities of life. Two years ago, when we started our camping excursions we happened upon a little store outside of a state park right on the edge of nowhere that had pizza. We were both skeptical but decided to try it. Wow! It’s so good that we overlook the lack of cell service and wi-fi to visit our pizza place.

It may seem strange to make a big deal about good pizza, but until you’ve had some of the cardboard crap they try to pass off as pizza, you can’t really appreciate the allure of good pizza. We’ve found good food in the oddest places. New England clam chowder near here is some of the best we’ve ever had. Chinese food and bagels in Jackson Hole, Wyoming are very good. You have to take the good where you can find it.

We didn’t come here just for the pizza, of course. There’s a beach, and kite flying, and the chowder. And sometimes being nowhere is preferable. It’s peaceful. No cell phone service means we aren’t harassed by creditors. We can have camper sex. Well, Lion can have some form of it. He still has at least a week to go before his orgasm.

Tomorrow we’ll go exploring. No matter how many times we’ve been someplace, we always find something new.