Things To Put In Your Mouth

The weekend wasn’t very good for either of us. I spent most of it in bed. Mrs. Lion was also tired and out of sorts. She completed the necessary chores and rested as much as she could. I think our weight loss program is affecting us.  We also changed some meds that may be responsible for some of this. Needless to say, sex wasn’t even mentioned. We’re both up and about now. I’m not sure that means we will be frisky tonight.

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Lion ordered pizzas from John’s Pizza on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, New York. I lived in the Village for many years. John’s is arguably the best pizza in a city famous for that yummy treat.  I used to love going to John’s at least once a week. There were always lines out into the street waiting to get in. It was worth the wait. When we moved to the Pacific Northwest, I was sure that I would never taste John’s pizza again.

Mrs. Lion is famous for her web searches. She discovered that John’s pizza is being offered by Goldbelly. This company sends treats from all over the country. We’ve bought food from them before. Mrs. Lion ordered four pies. They arrived frozen with dry ice. We had one last night. It was wonderful. Well, pretty wonderful. My sense of taste has diminished. I think that is a (temporary?) side effect of my new med. Still, it was great. John’s makes the best crust.

I’m something of a pizza snob. I’ve visited the pizzeria that invented pizza in Naples. The pies are made in a wood-fired oven that’s over a hundred years old. Their crust is softer and chewier than the New York pies. I’ve eaten at Uno’s in Chicago many times. They make the best deep-dish pizza I have ever had. Goldbelly’s version is supposed to be from Uno’s but doesn’t taste as good. If you go to Uno’s, try their salad. It’s something special. We have a small restaurant chain here in the Seattle area that makes authentic Neopolitan pizza. They are certified by some sort of Neopolitan organization that assures the product is authentic. It is!

I suppose it makes a strange sort of sense to talk about food today. I’m substituting things I like that go into my mouth while I’m waiting to put something Mrs. Lion likes into her mouth. Sex and food are both sensual experiences. The one I like best isn’t fattening.