Do The Two-Step; Growl And Spank

Yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote that she gets closure when I do something wrong by growling at me. I don’t always notice when she does. She correctly wrote that being spanked works for me. It serves to help change my behavior and lets me feel guilt isn’t necessary. I think that guilt is the problem with growling for me. I tend to feel guilty I upset her and worry she might not love me anymore. I know that’s irrational but it is that old fear of rejection. That doesn’t mean she shouldn’t growl.

When she follows up with punishment, I feel sorry I did something wrong, but not guilty about hurting her. The two-step growl and spank technique provide each of us with what we need. It wouldn’t surprise me if other couples have discovered this too. Until Mrs. Lion wrote about this concept, it never occurred to me that she would feel satisfaction simply by growling. She is also wise enough to know that I don’t benefit from her growls.

At best, a growl is a warning. It lets me know that trouble could be ahead. Until yesterday, I think that Mrs. Lion also considered growling at me as a warning to watch myself. Now we both understand that a growl means a spanking is coming. I wonder if she can also call an inaudible? Would a dirty look be the same as a growl? I would think so.

This revelation about the value of her growls may also explain why she has been unwilling to spank me when I interrupt or do anything else that annoys her. In her mind, she has done enough. She let me know I displeased her. Now she knows that her growl is a positive step she is taking in standing up for herself, but it isn’t a teaching moment for me.

The spanking that should follow isn’t necessarily helpful to her but will move me in the right direction. Now that spanking me isn’t difficult for her to do, I assume annoying her will result in a sore bottom for me.