He Warned Me

Lion waited 15 days for an orgasm this time around. That’s not his longest wait. I think it’s about average. I don’t know if he was looking for an orgasm or not. I guess one could argue that he’s always looking for an orgasm. On the other hand, sometimes he doesn’t want one. He wants to wait longer. Maybe he wants to be more frustrated. Too bad. I decide.

The interesting thing about last night was that, as he got closer and closer, he warned me he was going to come. I don’t know what made last night different from other times when it sneaks up on him. Was it because it was 15 days? Did I grab his balls just right? Was I sucking with just the right amount of pressure? Maybe it’s a random thing. There doesn’t have to be an answer.

When I’m about to have an orgasm, I always know. Sometimes it goes away if the stimulation changes. Sometimes I wonder why the hell it’s taking so long. I mean, it’s right there. What the hell are you waiting for? Usually, it’s just a slow buildup and then I’m over the top. There’s no sneaking up. I don’t know if that’s true for all women. I’ve never asked.

Maybe he normally feels it happening whether he warns me or not. He’s said he gets a tightening in his thigh muscle. So I guess the better question is why he decided to warn me last night. Don’t get me wrong. I liked it. There was a sense of urgency in his voice. Or maybe it was just him trying to speak while all of his muscles were working on other things. I put those muscles to good use and let him come.

[Lion comments — When I feel that thigh muscle pull, it’s too late. It is a sure sign I will ejaculate. Frustratingly, I don’t always get that signal. Unlike Mrs. Lion and other women, my arousal grows slowly at first. When ejaculation is close, I go from aroused to orgasm in seconds. I think this is true of most men. The reason I warned Mrs. Lion last night was that she had commented that sometimes she can’t tell when I am near the edge. Sometimes it sneaks up on me too. This time I knew, so I warned her.]

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