Quicker On The Trigger

We’ve made progress with domestic discipline. Mrs. Lion spanked me for interrupting a few weeks ago. That offense was particularly egregious and there was no ambiguity about what I did. I deserved to be spanked, and Mrs. Lion made sure that I felt it for three days after she finished. I’m not complaining. I deserved it.

Since then, she’s growled at me a couple of times for interrupting. We agreed some time ago that anything that is growl-worthy deserves a spanking. Maybe I should have reminded her at the time, but I didn’t because reminding her would get me a painful spanking. I should have said something, and I’m sorry that I didn’t.

I think that I would benefit if Mrs. Lion were much quicker on the trigger. What seems to happen is that once she just growls or snarls, her threshold of triggering a spanking gets less sensitive. I should remind her by asking if I earned a spanking every time she growls at me. In the moment, my dislike of being spanked cuts in, and I’m silent.

In an ideal world, Mrs. Lion would routinely spank me every time she feels the urge to growl at me. That makes sense as a starting goal. I think that the main reason we have so much difficulty with subjective offenses is that Mrs. Lion has a lifelong habit of disregarding them. It’s difficult to change something that is ingrained.

I’ve been thinking about this. I’m writing with an unspanked bottom, so my objectivity is good right now. I think that a good way to fix this is to maintain zero tolerance for anything that might trigger a growl or snarl. I suggest that every time Mrs. Lion feels the urge to grow, she spanks me. I’m sure that this will result in a lot of spankings for trivial annoyances. It doesn’t matter. This is exactly how Mrs. Lion learned to spank me every time I broke a rule. There is never a doubt that not setting up the coffee pot will escape a spanking. It never does.  I think that it’s time to apply the same consistency to growl-worthy behavior.

Should I be required to remind Mrs. Lion? I should. I resist doing it because I know what happens when I do. Yet I expect Mrs. Lion to overcome her resistance and spank me. That is unfair of me. I have a thought. If I fail to self-report when Mrs. Lion growls, my spanking goes to fifteen minutes. This doesn’t mean that Mrs. Lion should lay in wait to see if I self-report, at least not in the beginning. With this rule in place, I am as responsible as she is when it comes to spotting annoying behavior.

What do you think, Mrs. Lion?