Lion wonders if I notice that domestic discipline works. I do. He rarely spills food on his shirt anymore. He’s learned to ask if I’ve eaten or he waits for me to tell him it’s okay to eat before he does. He tries very hard to avoid swats. I just don’t know if I see the value in it for everything, or maybe just for me.

I may not find punishing him as distasteful as I did at first, but I don’t breathe a sigh of relief once it’s over. I mean, it doesn’t wipe the slate clean as Lion has suggested. From my point of view, the act of telling him he interrupted me is enough. If I can muster the strength, for want of a better word, to tell him he’s wronged me in some way, I consider that a victory. Apparently swatting is what does it for him. For that reason, I guess spanking is all for him.

Regardless of whether or not I need to spank him for the punishment to be completed, I’ll keep doing it. He doesn’t get value from my growling at him. For this to keep working, we both need to get something from it. If I wanted sex, but never got an orgasm, I wouldn’t consider my needs met. Obviously, I wouldn’t need an orgasm every time necessarily, but I’d feel cheated over time. If I only yell at him and call it good, he won’t reap the benefits.

We’re all about teamwork. I growl and feel better. Lion gets swatted and feels better (about the slate being wiped clean, not about having a sore butt). It sounds like a beneficial compromise to me.

For the record, when I catch him breaking the easy rules, I don’t growl. I wipe the slate clean by catching him and shaking my head that he broke such a simple rule again. I mean, really? [Lion comments — For the record, she still spanks me every time, headshake or not.]

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  1. What sort of spanking: over the knee, strap or caning? Caning works best for long term results

    1. I usually don’t growl at readers, but clearly you don’t read this blog at all.

  2. Reading this I wonder: Punishment is punishment or is it a way of getting pleasure.

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