Naked Male Sexual Control

Sex is what all this is about. The idea is that if my partner controls my sexual pleasure, she will be making sex more exciting for me. If she prevents me from ejaculating, she is providing an exquisite kind of foreplay.

A lot of women seem to think that men are driven to ejaculate. We are slaves to our penises. Once it gets hard, inevitably we will find a way to satisfy it by ejaculating. If no partner is available, we will masturbate.

There is a sense of inevitability connecting an erection with ejaculation. One always foreshadows the other. Imagine the perverse pleasure of allowing the erection but denying the ejaculation.

I don’t think many women even consider the possibility. If they do, they think it is cruel to tease a man that way. As girls, they learn it can even be dangerous. Get a boy hard and horny and he will want sex. To avoid that awkward situation, maneuver the activities in a non-sexual direction that will keep his penis flaccid.

Men and women both accept the inevitable connection between erection and ejaculation. Some men have experienced edging and learn that ejaculation isn’t inevitable. They discover a new kind of sexual fun. Some wonder what it would be like if their partner controlled whether or not ejaculation followed arousal. They find themselves hard when they have those thoughts.

does she like penis enough to do this?

It can be difficult convincing a partner to play this game. Along with the strongly-held conviction that erection and ejaculation are ineluctably connected, many women aren’t particularly attracted to their partners’ penises.

Most adult women have had close, non-vaginal contact with a penis. Some learned to masturbate a man and used this activity when not interested in intercourse. Others have been convinced to perform oral sex. Many aren’t very fond of that. They barely tolerate the taste of semen.

These women aren’t very good candidates for orgasm control. Sex is something that happens to them. They have as little contact with a penis as possible. Their partners get them aroused with fingers and mouth. They get hard doing this. When the time is right, the male mounts her. She may have completely avoided any other contact with his penis.

Some women with this sort of penis aversion agree to be keyholders for their husbands. He puts the device on and takes it off. She never touches it. If she doesn’t want him to mount her but feels he should ejaculate, she will have him unlock himself and masturbate. She never touches him.

This works for some men. Their fantasy is about control, not interactive sex. It isn’t the way we play the game.

It takes two to play our way

Before I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me in a male chastity device, I masturbated regularly. It was pretty much my only sexual outlet. When we discussed male chastity, Mrs. Lion wondered why I needed the device. I told her that it prevented me from masturbating. She was truly surprised. She had no idea I did that.

It bothered her that I jerked off. She immediately told me that I was never to do that again. Really? It was my turn to be shocked. Didn’t she know that all guys did that? She didn’t and didn’t care if they did or not. I was done with that. [Mrs. Lion comments — I did. I think I was shocked more by the fact that I had made Lion masturbate because I wasn’t paying attention to him.]

The excitement of surrendering sexual control went a long way toward helping me fail to realize how profound this new rule would be. It wasn’t that I loved jerking off. Most of the time it just relieved tension and didn’t feel all that great. It was that I could never be the source of my own sexual release. Ever.

If she hadn’t kept me locked in a male chastity device I am sure that in the beginning, I would have cheated. Jerking off was a habit that isn’t easy to break. There were many times that I absentmindedly reached down only to be stopped by the cage locked on my penis. It didn’t help that I was always to be naked at home. Access was too easy.

Every day or two Mrs. Lion would unlock me and jerk me off. In the beginning, she made me ejaculate every day. That was too much for me. I asked her to tease me without orgasm and make me ejaculate less frequently. She agreed.

The pattern was set. From that first night in 2013 until now, I haven’t jerked off. Mrs. Lion edges me every day or two. She lets me ejaculate when she decides it’s time. From 2014 until July 2020 the average has been just under seven days. Twice I had to wait more than 20 days. Since July the time has expanded. That’s not the point.

Mrs. Lion likes my penis. She enjoys jerking me off and sucking me. She likes the taste of semen. She and only she unlocks and locks my male chastity device. I take care of the base ring. She worries about hurting my balls if she handles it. She takes care of the cage.

My orgasm denial and control is 100 percent under Mrs. Lion’s control. She’s my only source of sexual stimulation and release. Think about that. She not only took on control, she became the owner of the penis that I carry around. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to give myself sexual release.

That’s real sexual control!