The Best Male Sex Game

When it comes to sex, I think that men and women are very different in the way we perceive it. I imagine a big part of it is the physical difference between males and females. We males have dangly bits that are not only easily accessible, but also provide visual confirmation of our sexual interest.

Of course, women can easily stimulate themselves, but unlike men, there are only subtle external signs of their sexual interest. To conform to female anatomy, their sex toys are generally designed to penetrate. Vibrators seem to be nearly universally orgasmic for women. More importantly, the female arousal curve is a nearly-straight line that extends from no arousal to orgasm. This makes masturbation and the use of toys a lot easier.

We, males, get aroused easily enough, but then we plateau staying excited, but not ready to ejaculate. When we are ready to squirt, we go from the plateau to over the top in less than five seconds. After we ejaculate the head of the penis can become painfully sensitive. You can see the challenge for toys in this.

Male sex toys are almost all aimed at producing orgasms without the need for direct manual stimulation. Most are vibrators. A few simulate the up-down motion of oral or vaginal sex. I’m not too fond of any of these. The Magic Wand vibrator in Mrs. Lion’s hand is usually a lot of fun and can get me to ejaculate. Other than that, we haven’t had a lot of success.

All this time I’ve overlooked the most exciting and universally successful toy we own. It turns out that the male chastity device creates the most exciting sexual game I’ve ever played. Almost everything you read about these penis prisons focuses on how they can deprive a male of sexual pleasure until his partner wants to take mercy on him.

Wait a minute — his partner decides when he gets sexual fun?

Sounds like a game to me. Consider this: Your partner locks your penis into a male chastity device on Friday night. You’re horny and would really like sex with her. She smiles and says it will be more fun if you wait. Really? It took a long time to lock you into the device because you kept getting hard. If you complain to your wife about being horny and in need of relief, she can remind you how hard you got when she was locking you up. You must have been enjoying the experience.

It’s true that you and she could think of this as a form of sexual control. That’s how it works for Mrs. Lion and I. But that isn’t the entire story. Consider this:

I’ll bet that your wife decides when you get sex. If you try to initiate and she isn’t in the mood, sex is out. Right? You could skulk off and masturbate, but that isn’t very much fun. If you are playing with the male chastity device, you can ask her to unlock you. If she refuses, she isn’t in the mood just then. You can complain that you’re horny, but it’s unlikely to get you sex. It will probably amuse her.

Chances are very good that your penis will be trying to get hard inside your male chastity device; frustrating but fun for both of you. When she decides to unlock you, if you’re like me,  your penis will go right to attention. She will love that. Now the sex can begin.

If she locks you back up after she is done, it starts all over again. You will find yourself getting horny almost at once. We want what we can’t have. When she isn’t in the mood, it will be fun because you both understand that no matter what you do, you will have to wait. Fun!

Note that there isn’t a drop of BDSM in this. You aren’t being made to wait any longer than you would without the device. The difference is the hardware that turns out to be a great male sex toy guaranteed to keep you horny and happy.

Show this post to your partner. She may find this game interesting.

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  1. It turns out that the device of male chastity makes it easier to understand when a woman is ready for sex.

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