Lion Has a Silly Weenie

Somehow we are already on our fifth day of six days off. I was supposed to wax Lion either yesterday or today. However, I didn’t realize that four of the last five days would include trips to farm stands to procure pickles and berries, and five of the last five days would include pickling and/or canning. Excuse me if I don’t seem excited to use my last day off bent over a table, yanking hair out of Lion. On the plus side, we have a lot of pickles and quite a few jars of raspberry and blueberry jam, as well as some frozen raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Needless to say, but I need to say it anyway, we didn’t play early last night. Our impromptu trip to get more berries and pick up dinner from Applebee’s on the way home, had us playing about the same time we would on a normal week night. Lion didn’t last very long with his tiny clothespins. He made it to three before he was begging to have them taken off. I knew the first one was on there good, but the second two didn’t seem bad. Either the first one did him in right away so the second two didn’t matter or he couldn’t take the combination. At any rate, he needed them off quickly.

Despite the early removal of the clothespins, my silly weenie was still hard. I swear he has no sense. I can understand his excitement when it’s the balls being hurt, but this was him being hurt. The tiny clothespins were pinching his head. Ouch! But no, he’s standing there tall and proud and ready for more.

Don’t worry. Lion got more. Not more pain, though. So far he hasn’t passed up an opportunity to be sucked. I know I got him close. I’m not sure if it was two-more-strokes-would-have-been-too-much close or not, but it was close. And I know he’s horny. Poor thing.

I may be reading too much into his sighs again, but I think he was a little annoyed that I didn’t jump into action to lock him up again. He said he’d put the ring on when I told him to. Of course, I didn’t tell him to. I forgot. When he asked, I said he should put it on. He told me it was on and I didn’t move. Sometimes I wait until he takes his lenses out and it’s time to do his eye drops. Then he sighed. It was a fairly loud sigh. I asked what was wrong and got the “oh, nothing” answer that, if a woman did it, would mean “if you don’t know, I’m certainly not going to tell you”. I assumed he was annoyed I hadn’t caged him yet. So I locked him up. I don’t know if he really was upset or not. Or maybe he was upset but not about that. Or maybe he wasn’t upset at all. He just needed to sigh loudly. I get that. Sometimes I need to sigh loudly even though nothing specific is wrong. Out with the random frustrations so new ones can take their place.

As I write this it’s 1:15 pm and the temperature at our weather station (I named it Willard Scott) is reading 94 degrees. Granted, it’s in the middle of the yard in bright sunshine, but we wouldn’t want it in shade. We don’t normally get our high temperature until late afternoon. Yup, we’re baking around here today. Good thing we have fans and portable air conditioners, otherwise I’d be sitting in the car right now. Time to retire to the coolness of the bedroom.