Hot Wax on a Hot Lion

I am happy to report that our jam is a success. We sampled some this morning and it’s wonderful. I’ll freeze the rest of the blueberries and we can either use them in pancakes or make another batch of jam in the future. Today I have to sandblast the kitchen to get all the pickling and jamming residue off the walls and floor. It’s amazing how far bubbling jam flies.

Yesterday was hot. We got our kitchen activities out of the way early and then we vegetated for the rest of the day. We both snoozed a bit. I braved the heat to make dinner. After I did the dishes, Lion was snoozing. By the time he woke up fully it was nine o’clock. I asked if he wanted to play or if it was too late. He said it was too late and that he had hoped we’d play earlier in the day. Yes. He had wanted that. I forgot. I was hot and tired and I forgot he wanted to play early.

I’d hope we’d make a trip to get my medications today, but that was when Lion waxing was tentatively scheduled for Saturday or Sunday. Once I get done writing I’ll start the wax and clear off the waxing table. While the wax melts, usually at least three hours, I’ll tackle the kitchen. It’s still supposed to be hot today but “only” mid-eighties. Hot wax on a hot Lion sounds steamy. When he’s done being waxed, he’ll take a shower to get all the oil and wax off. And then he should be ready for love. I have no idea when that will be but it will most likely be earlier than we normally play.

I don’t have any specific plans for Lion. I’m not even sure he’ll get an orgasm. It all depends on how horny he is. If he seems like he really wants one, he might just get it. On the other hand, what fun would that be? If he really wants it, shouldn’t I make him wait? We’ll see how nice I’m feeling later on.

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