Changing Sex For The Better

It is obvious that I am male. The evidence is all over this blog. Unless locked in a chastity device, it’s very difficult to hide when I am sexually aroused. Females have a much easier time. There are few outward signs of female arousal. For example, erect nipples can signal arousal or a cold room.

Because our penises very obviously signal our interest in sex, males are thought of as lacking in sexual subtlety. Oh, look! He has a stiffy. He wants to ejaculate.

There is a generally undeniable connection between an erection and a strong wish to use it in a way that will produce semen. That’s our genetic imperative. We are programmed to respond to females with sexual arousal and then mount willing females in an attempt to breed.

Human society has tempered this primitive drive into a much more complicated mating dance that more often than not, results in frustration. Darwinian selection puts other male mammals in the same boat. We are built to handle it. We don’t have to like it, but evolution has conditioned us to accept sexual rejection.

Even in situations when we are mated to a female, sex isn’t assured. Males in vanilla relationships don’t have as much sex as they want. That’s why virtually every male masturbates even after marriage.

From puberty onward, women are trained to avoid encouraging males unless they plan to have sex with them. They view this as a kindness. It’s considered poor form to make a poor male mad with desire only to reject him in the end. That means the good form is to avoid sexually provocative behavior when there is no desire to accept him.

My years in a male chastity marriage have changed the rules significantly. For one thing, masturbation is forbidden. No matter how much I want to, I am not allowed to jerk off. That means my only authorized sexual outlet is my lioness.

The second big change is that she encourages me to be sexually aroused. She likes it when I am hard. She enjoys teasing me by masturbating or sucking my cock until I am just about to ejaculate. It’s fun for her to see my reaction when she stops just short of my orgasm.

She has no fear that I will find a way to finish. Male chastity has trained me to accept being just ready to ejaculate and then stopped.  I’ve learned to feel very lucky that Mrs. Lion teases me.

I know that eventually, she will let me have an orgasm. I’m lucky that she is very fond of making me ejaculate. Since she’s also very fond of teasing me, there are a lot of dripping, unsatisfied erections in our house.

Our behavioral changes are very significant. I’m trained to enjoy being sexually aroused without expecting to ejaculate. That means Mrs. Lion can use sexual stimulation as a way to show affection without being concerned that she has to let me “finish”.

That works out well for both of us. By preventing ejaculation, Mrs. Lion keeps me ready and able to get hard and fully aroused. There is no refractory period if there is no ejaculation. She can stimulate me to the edge over and over as often as she wishes. I will be ready.

Once she lets me ejaculate, we have to wait until my batteries are recharged before we can begin again. Nowadays that can be several days. As long as I don’t ejaculate, I’m always ready. That’s a strong incentive to space my orgasms further apart. Mrs. Lion seems to be doing that. I don’t believe it is a plan. The longer waits allow a lot more playtime.

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