Since he’s been horny lately, Lion is trying to come up with some way to convince me he should be caged. So far it isn’t working. He says it will guarantee that he keeps his hands off. Shouldn’t he be doing that anyway? He says it will avoid any slip-ups. Can’t I trust him anymore? I know he likes to be in the cage unless he doesn’t. I think he likes the idea of the cage more than he likes the cage itself. Maybe it’s like punishment.

Lion says he wants to be locked up again.

Oddly enough, he suggested I put the cage on and not take it off for a while. He’s trying to compromise so I don’t have to take it off and put it on so many times. The problem with that is that he doesn’t do very well when I ignore him. He craves attention anyway, but sexual attention is sort of like crack to him. He needs his fix regularly. If I locked him up last night and didn’t unlock him again until Friday, he’d be upset. I don’t think he’d be very happy if I only let him fester until tomorrow night. He’s horny, dammit! Why aren’t I playing with him?

Last night either he wasn’t as horny as the night before, or it was because I only pinched his nipples and didn’t go for a full-on BDSM session, but things didn’t seem as urgent. I did get him to the edge a few times, but eventually he just petered out. I asked if he was done and he admitted he was. I suppose we’ll know tonight if he’s still so horny he needs the cage or if he’s hit his plateau.

At a certain point, he loses interest. It usually doesn’t happen this quickly, but then again, he never took so long to be raging horny after an orgasm. I’m willing to bet it’s because we didn’t really play. He doesn’t like his “boobies” pinched and doesn’t consider it sexual. I teased him that he should get them pierced since he wrote about piercings the other day. He said they take a long time to heal. I have no idea why they’d take longer than anywhere else but I don’t really want him to get them pierced so I let it drop. I only said it to make pinching them feel a little more sexual. I guess it didn’t work.

Tonight, I’ll be sure to do something to him before I see if Mr. Weenie wants to come out to play. I don’t know if I’ll make him choose pegging or figging from the Box O’Fun or not. I think those may be the only choices left. I’m also thinking I could just return all the cards to the box and call it good. We can start over again and he’ll get a chance for something he likes. Although, I have been asking him what he wants and what he wants is for me to decide. So far, I’ve been nice. I haven’t pulled out the Velcro or tiny clothespins. I bet if I gave him the choice between something he wants and Velcro, he’d make a decision pretty quickly. And it wouldn’t be the Velcro.