Lion really wants to rub it. That’s really him.

Lion is a very horny boy right now. He’s very easily aroused and getting him to the edge is a breeze. In fact, I tease him that a slight breeze will push him over the edge. Last night he was pretty insistent that I should lock him up. So much so that he kept bringing it up. He said he didn’t know if I should trust him with a wild weenie. I left him wild.

There were two issues at play: First and foremost, I’m too lazy to drag out a cage and fumble around with lining everything up and getting the lock just so. Second, leaving him wild is a matter of trust. He may like being locked up, he may even think he needs to be locked up, but I should be able to trust him to keep his hands off my property. Actually, there is a third issue. If he gets himself off, we’re done; not the marriage, male chastity.

Whether or not I consider his masturbating to be cheating, the agreement has been that he doesn’t masturbate. He can adjust himself. He can get himself hard. But he can’t jerk himself off, even “just” to the edge. That’s my right. I’m the only one allowed to edge him or give him an orgasm. I take that very seriously. I hope he does too. [Lion — I do.]

The cage was necessary for the beginning. I had to make sure he didn’t falter. Being locked up was also a way to “force” me to give him attention. Since he couldn’t pleasure himself, I needed to do it for him. The cage was an inertia buster. Poor, locked up Lion needed relief. My weenie was in solitary confinement and needed an hour in the yard for recreation. Once Lion was trained (and me too to some extent), the cage was technically no longer necessary. During recuperation from surgeries and illnesses, the cage stayed off longer and longer. Lion still didn’t masturbate.

I suppose it could be good for both of us to revisit the cage from time to time. It’s great that he realized he might have a moment of weakness because he’s so horny. But I’m thinking the cage could be a crutch now. It’s an easy way out. Being super horny and still maintaining his composure is much more difficult. Instead of metal or plastic keeping his hands off, he has to fight against his own instincts. You can do it, Lion.

[Lion — I’m not really worried about getting myself off. Wearing a chastity device also prevents erections. It doesn’t prevent thinking arousing thoughts. It may be extra trouble for Mrs. Lion, but for me it is another powerful reminder that she is in charge. That, in itself, is a big turn-on for me.]


  1. Have to agree with Lion here. I feel closer and more intimate with my wife when she is strict on my lockups and like she is unhappy with me or wants space when she just doesn’t care about chastity steel being applied. I wander back and forth between feeling aroused and stupid or selfish when I am so focused on being kept chaste.

    She has been willing to suffer my kink and I think maybe enjoyed it from time to time but would probably yawn and say “OK” if I told her I was done with being caged. I want her dressed in leather and forcing me to do all sorts of things but I’ll settle for a padlock on my gentiles since the other will never happen.

  2. I like being told to cave up too! My Queen is never far from my thoughts but is particularly front and centre when I am caged.

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