Mrs. Lion filled you in on our very busy afternoon and evening Sunday. I really hated my spanking for eating first. I think we are at a point where Mrs. Lion may want to consider more things spankable. Aside from the fact that domestic discipline works well for us, the next logical step is for Mrs. Lion to increase what she considers spankable offenses. I know that I frequently get “passes” for behavior she isn’t very happy with. It may be time to stop giving me those passes and get out the paddle.

In my reading, it’s extremely rare to find a disciplining wife who didn’t get initial guidance from her husband. Years ago, the disciplinary wives club website and correspondence offered support. Like today, most of its readers were male. The instructions the website offered were relayed from husband to wife. This doesn’t map to the fantasies, but it is probably the best way to offer disciplinary instruction. The fact that the husband is imparting this information, strongly suggests he is asking his wife to adopt whatever it is he discovered online.

One of the more interesting aphorisms that came out of the DWC was, “The more you make a spanking hurt, the more he will love you.” That gets to the heart of the insecurities I think that wives feel, at least in the beginning. I also believe it’s true for me. It’s a very odd feeling to truly hate the spanking I’m receiving yet feel grateful Mrs. Lion is doing it for me.

It seems to me that one of the most difficult, blocking factors stopping Mrs. Lion from making more things spankable is her sense of fairness. She has often said that she doesn’t think it’s fair to punish me without first telling me what it is that will earn future spankings. I agree that would be the fairest way to approach things. The problem is that we never get to the point that something is disciplinary.

For the record, I am not talking about the fact that she helped me on Sunday night by reminding me the coffeepot was not set up. That was a kind and reasonable thing to do. I appreciated it. I’m thinking about what she may consider “little things” that get under her radar. Other disciplined husbands have written that the principal way their DD relationships grew was by their wives tightening up on what they could get away with.

While we had the training wheels on, it didn’t make a lot of sense for Mrs. Lion to simply announce that something I just said annoyed her and was spankable. At that time, we were building the good habits we needed for our disciplinary relationship. Somehow we got stuck there. I think it’s time for her to use her observational skills and her strong paddle hand to call me to task for things she once considered small. That’s the thing about education, you start learning basic concepts and once learned, move into the subtle less-easily-observed stuff. I think we are at that point.

[Mrs. Lion — When will I have time to do anything else? ?]


  1. Loved your reference to the DWC. Like so many other men, I introduced their materials to my wife. She had adopted their principles quite well. She happened to be walking by while I was reading, :The more you make a spanking hurt, the more he will love you.” I was able to read this passage to her and she said that will remember it.
    Thanks for your ongoing description of your relationship.

    1. Author

      I strongly suspect that the quote, “The more you make a spanking hurt, the more he will love you,” was aimed more at the guys reading the piece. I think it’s a very clever statement of the male fantasy surrounding domestic discipline. We’ve discovered that it has to hurt a lot to make a strong enough impression on me. At some point it will hurt too much and be more destructive than constructive.

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