Warming Things Up

Carved ginger root
Fresh ginger carved into an easily insertable shape. Figging is placing this fresh veggie where the sun don’t shine.

There is some interesting, safe sensation play that is guaranteed to get your male’s attention. One classic is figging. This is a most interesting new use for the ginger root.

To fig, you carve a nice thick piece of the root into a finger shape (see photo, right). Then you insert this into your caged male’s anus. Don’t use lube, just take your time.

Why do this? You’ll soon see. Once inserted, the root starts reacting with the moisture up there. As it does, it creates a warm, then a hot sensation. The heat will build for a while and then taper off. All the keyholder has to do is assure that the root remains inserted. He will do the rest himself.

Once the ginger root is in place, it is an ideal time to do some spanking. Since the burning sensation increases sharply if your male tightens his ass, he is faced with an interesting choice: tighten his ass and feel more ginger burn, or let it relax and get a bigger sting from the spanking. Ginger is a great side dish, it goes so well with spanking. This article has some excellent information about figging.

A second, more intense activity involves a sore muscle remedy. You can use BenGay, IcyHot, or any other warming cream. Use is the essence of simplicity. Just massage some into your male’s scrotum. He can stay safely caged. You may want to restrain him so he can’t run to the bathroom to wash it off.

Like the ginger root, the ointment will start off just feeling nice, but then the heat will build. Depending on how much you use, the heat will build to a high intensity. His scrotum may turn red. This is pretty serious sensation. It won’t do any lasting damage but will make an impression. If you want to get even more sensation, apply it to the perineum (the skin between the bottom of the scrotum and the anus). That is much more sensitive. Only apply to one area or the other. The human body can’t feel two stimuli at once, so one application will be wasted.

In my experience, figging is a great activity. Lioness has carved some thinner pieces of ginger and has warmed me up with them. I think a thicker piece might be more intense. I look forward to those sessions. By the way, once the sensation dies down, you can restore it by further peeling the root. More essential oils will be released.

For me, Ben Gay is a different matter. I hate it! While it is active (about 10 minutes) I am miserable. Then when it tapers off, it feels like such relief. Ironically, even though I hate this, the thought of having a hot ointment rubbed into my balls turns me on. Like a strong spanking, the BenGay is horrible while it is happening, but arouses me before and makes me feel very good remembering the session.

This concept of arousing anticipation, wonderful afterglow, and absolute misery while happening seems to be a fairly common set of reactions to sensation play. Unfortunately, the new keyholder reacts only to the misery and feels guilty for hurting her male. I don’t perceive it that way at all. I am turned on knowing my lioness can do this to me. I know I will hate it when she does, but that makes it even more arousing. I don’t want her to do this to me every day, but I really want her to do it.

Male sexuality can be bewildering. I can’t explain why I am the way I am. But I know that in my case, discipline, spanking, and other sensation play really turn me on. The key to understanding why it is so exciting for me is that my sexuality is not based on what is happening now, it is more complex than that. It is the vulnerability, surrender of power, and most important of all, my keyholder’s use of that power. I really haven’t surrendered unless the person I surrender to actually uses the control I have given her. I think that is why just being locked up isn’t enough. It’s also why it can be difficult to be a keyholder. Forced chastity is about power exchange. There is no exchange unless the power is used. The more it is used, the more complete the feeling of surrender.



  1. Author

    Lion swears he can’t read my mind, but I’ve been thinking about Icy Hot and I do see it in his future.

    1. Author

      Couldn’t you be thinking of ginger instead? 🙂

      1. Author

        Instead? How about in addition to? (Not at the same time though.)

  2. Author

    Figging! Merry loved this, back in our day. In my butt, on her labia lips… Her biggest surprise was when she put a sliver in my urethra, and I popped a huge boner. At an L.A. Grue, we did a class on figging.

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