Figging — Hot Stuffed Me

On my knees as a peeled piece of raw ginger is inserted up my ass. In a few minutes the burn will begin.

Sunday night, after dinner, Mrs. Lion brought in her Box O’Fun. I picked a card. Mrs. Lion read it and announced that on Monday night I would be figged.  It’s been a very long time since she has done this to me. Figging is taking fresh ginger root, peeling and carving it into a dildo or butt-plug shape. This is then inserted up my ass without lube. As my body warms the ginger root, its oil is exuded. This oil creates a most unpleasant heat where the sun don’t shine.

A couple of weeks ago, we were shopping at an oriental market. We needed stir-fry sauce. Mrs. Lion said we should get some ginger. We found some nice, thick roots. I have no idea how she knew I would draw figging. Perhaps she didn’t and simply planned on doing it without the box of fun.

Figging is one of very few ways to provide anal heat. Icy Hot and Ben Gay aren’t very uncomfortable back there. The ginger, on the other hand, provides a lasting burn. I feel particularly vulnerable and humiliated when on my knees, ass up in the air waiting for Mrs. Lion to slowly insert her hand-carved, ginger butt plug. It feels cold when it first enters me. That isn’t my favorite sensation. Then, a few minutes later — it takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes — the burn begins. Some ginger gets really hot up there and makes me squirm and ask Mrs. Lion to take it out. Of course, she ignores my pleas. Other ginger is milder, but still very hot.

figged lion
That’s me!

The burning can go on as long as 30 minutes. When it begins to diminish, Mrs. Lion can use the peeler and remove the top layer and then reinsert the ginger. It will burn anew. She never did that to me in the past, but being a fan of recycling, I’m sure she will try this technique.

Figging has been used as a punishment over the centuries. Traditionally, it was a punishment for women. Nowadays, it is used on either sex. Some especially cruel women cut a slim piece of peeled root and insert it into the urethra of the hapless male. I haven’t experienced this, thank goodness.

While extremely uncomfortable in any orifice, it is generally regarded as harmless. I’ve never heard of any lasting injury from the practice. Many figging fans use it as a “dessert” after a spanking. I’m not sure that makes too much sense. The burning will distract the spanked male from the sensations of his spanking.

Figging is one of those “set it and forget it” tortures. Once the root is carved and inserted, Mrs. Lion can sit back and relax. I, on the other hand, will be entertained by excruciating burning in my anus. If she wishes to prolong my entertainment, she can remove the root and peel off the top layer. I’m sure she will. With little effort she will have an evening’s entertainment.


  1. Figging will keep you from clenching during corporal punishment. I think that was its original purpose. It still works quite well.

    1. Author

      Good point. I didn’t think of that. You may have given Mrs. Lion an idea.

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