About 4 AM on Sunday morning I woke up and realized I had forgotten to tell Mrs. Lion that Saturday was punishment day. Damn! I know that I like being spanked, but I really wasn’t looking forward to being punished for forgetting yet again. This is the third time I forgot Saturday was punishment day in less than two months.

I went back to sleep and woke up again at around 10 AM. Mrs. Lion was already up and was typing away on her computer. I called out to her and let her know I was awake. Before I did anything else, I told her that I had forgotten yesterday was punishment day. I don’t know why it seemed so urgent to me, the consequences were going to be the same regardless of when I let her know. She smiled and said that she had forgotten too. Then she pointed out that it wasn’t her job to remember. I know that.

That was the end of the conversation. Mrs. Lion doesn’t seem to feel the need to remind me of what was going to happen as a result of my omission. She certainly doesn’t have to. I know full well what will be coming soon. I thought a lot about my upcoming spanking during the day. They weren’t happy thoughts; nor were they erotic. I kept wondering how I got myself into a situation like this.

Mrs. Lion’s current weapon of choice. This is her spanking spoon. She uses it to make me regret breaking a rule.

The last few times Mrs. Lion spanked me, she used the spanking spoon we had purchased about a year ago. This implement is horribly painful for me. Mrs. Lion says that I bleed less when she uses it. I wouldn’t know. All I know is that I really hate it. It has a long handle and a small, curved striking face. Even when she claims she is “taking it easy,” every single swat is miserably painful. Her comment when I mentioned this is always, “It’s supposed to hurt.”

Well yeah. Spankings used to be a little more fun. They did hurt and I screamed and wanted them to be over, but there was a bit of time in the beginning that it was kind of erotic and fun. That’s gone now. I get in position over the side of the bed and dread what’s coming next. Mrs. Lion doesn’t disappoint. I want to get away from the first swat to the last. I can’t help but try to roll away some of the time. It hurts that much. She brings me back with a nasty smack to the back of my thigh.

When she finished, Mrs. Lion said that she was sure she bruised me. She told me to lay still while she got a washcloth. Apparently, I bled a little and the blood got on the paddle which then spread it around my bottom. She washed off the blood on my bottom and found that I had just one small crack in the skin. She also wiped off the paddle. She announced that she was sure she bruised me. I didn’t doubt her a bit.

For all the pain I felt during the spanking, there wasn’t much of an aftermath. Sometimes my bottom burns for an hour or more after a spanking. This time the discomfort was gone within a few minutes. This seems to happen when she uses her spanking spoon. It doesn’t make sense to me. I think that my most painful spankings are performed with that particular implement. Yet, it seems to have almost no aftereffect.

As I recall, this “Spenser” paddle has very long aftereffects. It is very painful during the spanking but not as bad as the dreaded spanking spoon.

In terms of bruising, I asked Mrs. Lion if she saw any when we had breakfast on Monday morning. She said that she saw some marks but wasn’t sure they were bruises. I suggested that marks that remain 12 hours after the spanking are probably bruises. I thought I felt a little discomfort when I sat up in bed. When I got to my desk, there was no problem with sitting. I don’t feel any aftereffects.

As I recall, the most long term pain I have felt after a spanking came with her using the “Spencer” paddle with holes. I think her rubber also left some reminders. Both of those paddles hurt a lot during a spanking. I don’t think they hurt as much as her spoon. Frankly, it’s hard to tell when she gets going. Now that she is putting a lot of muscle into those swats, they all hurt like hell.

I hate to suggest it, but it may be time for her to do some experiments to find out which of her paddles has an effect on me she wants. The spoon certainly makes me unhappiest about the spanking. However, the aftereffects are minimal. The Spencer and rubber paddles are easier to take during the spanking, but leave me burning for an hour or more afterward.

I never thought that there would be much science behind punishment spankings. After all, the objective is to make me very unhappy that I did whatever I did. Mrs. Lion is fond of the idea that I’m reminded again the next day or two. So far, she hasn’t found a reliable way to do this. I guess I may have to be in spanking position while she goes back to the drawing board.


  1. Do you use reminders in your phone calendar? or is it forbidden?

    1. Author

      I used my phone calendar when I was going to work every day. Since I am home, the phone stays on my dresser and I don’t see the reminders. I have a new, pre-release version of Windows 10 that is supposed to have a full calendar on it. So far I haven’t figured out how to get reminders. Given how seriously I’m spanked now, it’s worth working out. 🙂

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