My sex life is both extremely interesting and more than a little routine. Back in December 2013, I wasn’t getting very much at all. Mrs. Lion wasn’t particularly interested in sex and she wasn’t happy about the fact that I am terrible at initiating. As a result, intercourse was incredibly rare, and about once a month she would give me either a handjob or oral sex. Pretty much most of the time it was a handjob. Neither of us was very happy about this.

I jerked off about twice a week. I might’ve done it more often, but I was always thinking that perhaps tonight might be the night I get attention from my lioness. At one point or another, I decided that I had to take matters into my own hands. It was never much fun for me. In December, I decided to ask her to lock me a chastity device. My reasoning was that if she locked me up, she might feel a sense of obligation to provide some sort of sexual release or at least teasing more than once a month.

We talked about it and the conversation was a little surprising. She said that she wasn’t very happy with the way our sex life was going and she was willing to lock me up. I had been reading about enforced male chastity on the web and had some ideas I presented to her. I suggested that she unlock me on a relatively regular basis and tease me. She could decide when she would allow me to ejaculate. We could have any kind of sex she wanted when I was unlocked. We agreed to have a contract. We also agreed that we would continue for at least six months. In the sixth month, we could decide whether to discontinue this or continue.

During that discussion, I told Mrs. Lion that I had been masturbating two or three times a week. She was very surprised. I think I was more surprised that she didn’t know. Of course, I didn’t do it in front of her, but I assumed she knew that if she wasn’t providing me with sexual release, I would do it myself. She told me she didn’t like the idea of me masturbating. Again I was surprised. I thought all women understood that men did this. I said so. She replied that she had no idea.

She said that since she was now in charge of sex for me, she didn’t want me to masturbate. I asked her if she meant never, as in my life? She replied that she did. I very reluctantly agreed. Then she really surprised me and said that she wanted me to masturbate one last time while she watched. I asked her why. She told me that she wanted to see how I did it so that she could better play with me.

the last jerk off

Without any assistance from her, I jerked off. That was that. She didn’t say anything about it. She just handed me some tissues to clean up.

December 2013 was the last time I got myself off. If you go back to the beginning of our blog, you can learn about what we did. The net result was that every day or so, I was unlocked and masturbated. I was usually edged and then locked up again. When I finally got to ejaculate, about 75% of the time Mrs. Lion just jerked me off. The other 25% of the time she gave me oral sex. Until quite recently she never stimulated me orally unless she expected me to ejaculate.

That means that almost every day for the last seven years I’ve been masturbated. Almost all of that time it hasn’t resulted in ejaculation. But the point is that the stimulation has been with Mrs. Lion’s hand. Twice in the last four years, she rode me and I got to come inside her. That was wonderful. The last time was March 2018. Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself. I wish she was. I think life would be more interesting if I could do things for her.

Lots of blow jobs

Anyway, earlier this year Mrs. Lion found it was becoming more difficult to make me ejaculate with her hand. Even edging was becoming more of a chore. I think that my very regular diet of manual stimulation finally became just too routine. Even with exotic help like using coconut oil didn’t seem to quite do the trick. Beginning in February Mrs. Lion apparently decided that it was easier to use her mouth to give me orgasms. Since then, I’ve had 11 orgasms, nine of them in her mouth. My most recent orgasm was by her hand. It was an accident. She managed to edge me successfully with her hand a couple of times and on the third try went just a bit too far. Rather than make it a ruined orgasm, she continued with her hand and let me finish.

It always feels to me like she has to work way too hard to get me to the edge. Between orgasms, she stimulates me on average about every other day. Most of the time I don’t get near the edge. This could just be my sexual response slowing down or could be a reaction to the repetitiveness of our sex life.

I know I’m really lucky. Mrs. Lion is using the Box O’ Fun as a way of adding some variety. As she wrote in her post yesterday, Revamping The Box O’Fun, there were a lot of duplicate cards in the box. I kept drawing either doubles of recent activities or similar activities. There’s a good reason for this. A reasonably large percentage of what’s in there is for CBT using different kinds of clothespins. I like it when she uses them on me just as I like it when she masturbates me. But I guess it’s just too much of a good thing.

My reactions aren’t me being a brat. I really like what she does. I love it when she uses her hand on me. I just think that it could be that I need more variety. Calculated conservatively, she has either teased me or let me ejaculate by hand over 2000 times since we started enforced chastity. I’m a little surprised it took this long for my body to stop reacting strongly.

The fact is that I love being petted by her. She can pretty easily make me hard anytime she wants with her hand. She can do it even more easily with her mouth. I’m completely addicted to her. I never even think about jerking off. So while she’s used her hand on me a couple of thousand times, my score of using it on myself is zero. I think that’s good. I’m not suggesting she let me do it myself.

I just guess it’s time to try to find some other things we can do. I have no idea what that might be. I know my lioness is very creative. I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out.