Revamping the Box O’Fun

There are two forces at work here. First, I think the Box O’Fun is too small. Second, I think I tried to put too much in it. When you think about drawing something from a box or hat, the box or hat usually has room for the slips of paper to move freely. You can stir them up and really get a random pick. On the other hand, if you put too many things in it, that box can just seem too small.

Last night Lion chose and got pegging. Given his recent, and somewhat ongoing, bouts with stomach issues, the butt plug choice from the other day and pegging from last night were not viable. He chose again. He got ball bondage. Didn’t he just have ball bondage? Yes. The next thing he chose was regular clothespins. It’s deja vu all over again. We decided there were too many duplicates in the box. I won’t swear I got them all, but I removed most of the duplicates. Now the box doesn’t seem as full but it may still not work as well as it could.

Lion’s next choice was a keeper. I’d just put coconut oil handjob in the box. Even though we did it recently, I wasn’t going to make him pick again. It was ridiculous that he’d had to choose so many times to avoid a duplicate as it was. Besides, this was a good one. I didn’t manage to get him very far. He was making all the right noises. I knew he was having fun. He just wasn’t going to get any further. No problem. He can choose again tonight and he shouldn’t get a duplicate.

I will say, it’s possible for him to get similar things. There are regular clothespins, coated clothespins, plastic clothespins, etc. in the box. He could potentially choose plastic clothespins one night and the next night he could choose the tiny clothespins. By all rights, he should have to live with that choice unless he has a do-over card. But I think I’d allow him to choose again. Remember, I can have a do-over too. I’m not sure how I’d feel about doing the same thing so often either. Looks like I need to come up with a few more tricks for the Box O’Fun.


    1. Icy Hot isn’t particularly intense on the penis. Mrs. Lion tried it and I barely felt it. Good thoughts! Thanks.

      1. I found it started out benign but as the rubbing continued, the heat built up. But different people will experience it differently.

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