When Should I Get A Maintenance Spanking?

For a long time, I felt that we could contribute our experience to becoming a disciplinary couple in a compact, easy-to-read format for people who want a disciplinary relationship. Our first draft is available now: “The Disciplinary Wives Handbook“. This is definitely a work in progress. The plan was to remove all the fetish and sexual ideas from a discussion of domestic discipline. After all, they don’t really belong there. It’s designed to be read by a woman who is interested in beginning a disciplinary relationship or would like some tips on how to improve an existing one. Please feel free to use our Contact page as well as comments on this post to offer your ideas. One more chapter is planned. That one will be “FAQ”. Your input is very valuable for that. Also, please use the contact page to provide your experiences as a disciplinary wife or as a disciplined husband. I would like to include that as well.

Things were quiet Thursday night. Mrs. Lion gave me a Brazilian waxing. That tuckered her out. It’s nice to be hairless again. Each time she waxes me less hair grows back. It makes the job quicker and easier for her. She’s also become much more expert at cleaning me up and removing odd pieces of wax. I didn’t find any when I took a shower after she finished. Impressive!

I’ve managed to get through the week so far without earning any punishments. According to the plan I suggested about a week ago, if I don’t receive any punishments in a week, then on the following Monday Mrs. Lion gives me a maintenance spanking. I’m starting to wonder about the wisdom of this. My suggestion was that maintenance spankings be no different than the disciplinary kind. I still think that’s correct. I just wonder about whether I need one if I go spank-free for just a week. Maybe we should increase that to two weeks? I’ll see how Mrs. Lion feels about that.

The point of the maintenance spanking is to reinforce Mrs. Lion’s authority and remind me what happens if I am naughty. I think I can remember that for more than a week without a reminder that is so painful. I’m convinced that regardless of frequency, I will need maintenance spankings if I don’t earn any over some period of time. Some people disagree and believe that they are unnecessary. For the last several months Mrs. Lion didn’t give me any maintenance spankings. I had managed to consistently obey my rules so there was no punishment either.

We both felt a certain sense of disconnection with our disciplinary relationship. I got the feeling that Mrs. Lion wasn’t thinking about our disciplinary pattern. I had interrupted her more than once with just a snarl. I suspect we were getting in the habit of no punishments. This is where maintenance spanking comes in. It reminds both of us of what happens when I break a rule. We are both convinced we need them. The only question is, how often?


  1. Your project with the Handbook amazes me. It’s nice to hear you are doing such a great job! I suppose I should read those chapters.

    And the Maintenance spanking also sounds interesting

    1. Author

      It’s useful for our relationship. Too bad it’s so painful.

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