The Big O and Then Oh No

We had a fairly lazy weekend. I took Saturday off. I did a few things but I was tired and just wanted to lounge a bit. On Sunday I was still tired but facing the same chores as Saturday so I had to do something. I moved the dryer out and looked for what turned out to be a phantom lint clog. Maybe the dryer just wanted to go for a little ride across the floor. I guess it can get bored too. Oh well. It’s “fixed”.

I got rid of the backlog of empty boxes scattered in the living room. I need to keep on top of them better. I crawled around on the floor to install an appliance (heavy-weight) extension cord so the air conditioner in the bedroom is on a different circuit than the one in Lion’s office. Now it won’t get hot at all this summer.

The biggest thing I did, and this is not a chore, was test out Lion’s horniness. I said maybe he should wait until I found the restraints. He suggested going on a test drive. Neither of us knew if he would get hard and/or stay hard. Since he did get hard with my hand I said we could try oral even if we didn’t make it all the way. Lion very rarely turns down oral sex. He was game. I was game.

I really wasn’t sure if he’d get very far. It was the maiden voyage after his intestinal issues. I was debating whether to go all the way or not. Should I just edge him? Should I edge him and hope he can recover and go further? He got close very quickly. I mean, one second he wasn’t close and the next I heard the little gasp that usually means he’s close. I was afraid, after what I thought was 22 days, to take a chance on edging him. I wanted him to come. It took a little longer, but he went right on past the edge. There wasn’t much semen. I’m still not sure if that’s a product of edging or of time. Obviously, if it was time, I should have had a mouthful. But he was sick so that could have played into it. Anyway, Lion corrected me that it was actually 23 days since his last orgasm. This one might not have been the biggest or best orgasm he’s had. It wasn’t his longest wait either. But I’m sure he had fun and there’s plenty of time to have bigger and better ones.

A little while later, he had cramps again and was running to the bathroom. He took more medicine and that seemed to help. Apparently he’s not quite over his issues, but he seems to be getting better every day. I’m glad I’m around to take care of him whether he’s sick or not.


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