Putting My Paw Down

A strange thing is happening. Lion doesn’t mind waiting this time around. As a matter of fact, he seems to be daring me to make him wait longer.

First he came up with the idea of Saturday being orgasm day. That means the only possibility for orgasm would be on Saturday. If I didn’t give him one he’d have to wait until the following Saturday. He says we do better with structure like that. Well, yeah. With things like punishment and sling time. The scheduled days were created to bring those things into the forefront of my mind otherwise I just go along with business as usual and forget. I’ve never forgotten to give him an orgasm.

Assuming Saturday would be “the” day and assuming he was on track for a 21 day wait, Lion announced that he should wait 28 days. I was leaning toward 21 days since his longest wait (not including after surgery) was 21 days. Then I thought it made no sense to do another 21 day wait. It’s more logical to go another day. However, he did have a 22 day wait after his surgery even though he didn’t care about sex for most of that time. So I decided he should wait at least 23 days. Lion is still voting for 28.

The other day we were emailing back and forth and Lion said something about the 28th. I teased him by asking if he meant the 28th day of waiting or the 28th of November. Immediately he jumped on that by saying he could wait until the 28th of November if I wanted him to. It’s “only” ten days longer. I don’t even want to make him wait 28 days. Why would I go to November 28?

But then Lion reasoned that November 28 is so close to December 1 that it made sense to wait until December 1. If I limit him to one orgasm in November and one in December we’ll have an average of one orgasm a month for 2017. None of this truly makes sense. And I’m just trying to get him to the 23rd day of waiting. I’d had my limit of him suggesting what I consider ridiculous wait times so I said we might as well wait for New Year’s Eve.

It’s not really surprising to me that he said he knew I was kidding but he’d be willing to wait. I assume, as we got closer to New Year’s Eve he’d say he was willing to wait until Valentine’s day, and then St Patrick’s day, and then Bastille day, etc. Let’s go for the record of one orgasm per quarter, or even year. Why not?

I was being sarcastic when I suggested New Year’s Eve. I don’t want him to wait that long. I don’t want him to wait 28 days. I don’t really care if he makes it to 23 but, at this point, he’s so close we might as well go for the record. I just want to go back to giving Lion an orgasm when I want to give Lion an orgasm. Is that too much to ask?