A Near Miss

I think I am beating the intestinal virus. The cramps are almost all gone. I am definitely more interested in sex. When I told Mrs. Lion, she said I may not be ready. I agreed. Things are not all better yet. Also, she pointed out that she hasn’t found the restraints yet. I could see forgoing the restraints. I’m nothing if not flexible.

Mrs. Lion thought I would be in trouble today. When she went to bed last night to watch TV, the coffee pot was not yet prepared for this morning. I had to stay up and use my computer to fill out the weekly unemployment form after midnight Saturday. I got to my office a little bit early and took the time to finish my post for yesterday. Then I went into the kitchen to set up the coffee pot. It was a close call. I nearly forgot it entirely. I know that I am now well enough to be spanked.

I think this last event is a wonderful argument in favor of domestic discipline. If I wasn’t acutely aware of what would happen if I failed to do that chore, I’m very sure I would have simply not done it. Since I know full well what will happen if Mrs. Lion discovers the coffeepot not ready to go, I have a very strong incentive to never let that happen.

Even though it’s almost a habit to do this, it’s fairly easy to forget on a busy day. It’s been only a few weeks since my last spanking for forgetting. That’s recent enough to help me remember to do my job. Over the years I’ve read many accounts of domestic discipline. And in virtually all of them, the man will eventually “forget” and need a reminder. I always thought that was more of a device the guy uses to get himself a spanking. I now know that isn’t true.

As long as Mrs. Lion gives me serious spankings, I see them as something I should try my best to avoid. Now that I fully understand that every time I break a rule I will get one of those serious spankings when I think about the rules I need to follow, I also think about what happens when I don’t obey them. If enough time passes between spankings, the memory of how much I dislike them fades. Inevitably I end up doing something that earns me another.

I’m not proud of this. I really don’t understand how this mechanism works, but it does. None of this began happening until Mrs. Lion began spanking me seriously. By that I mean she works hard to make sure I am very unhappy with what she is doing to me. We’ve both learned that this is a function of two things: the intensity and location of her swats and how long the spanking lasts. There are parts of my bottom and upper thighs that are much more sensitive than others. When she focuses on these and relentlessly hits them with a lot of force, I yelp and think about getting away. That’s a very good sign she is spanking me properly. When she keeps going long after I feel I can’t take any more, I experience a sense of loss of control. I realize that she is unhappy with what I’ve done and wants me to be unhappy too.

That’s the entire point of punishment. For me at least, spanking is an ideal way to punish me. I’m never really injured and I’m always very unhappy with what’s happening to me. The true irony in all this is that I’m turned on thinking about being spanked, even punishment spankings. Even though I should understand fully what’s about to happen, I willingly get into position to be punished. If I attempt to move away once Mrs. Lion starts, she applies particularly hard strokes to my most sensitive spots. I get the point. After the pain fades away, I get a little aroused thinking about it.

However, I don’t get aroused enough to want another.

I’m not looking to find more reasons to get spanked. I think that Mrs. Lion needs to punish me when I do things that annoy her. She knows she should too. For some reason, she doesn’t. If I interrupt her, she will sometimes remind me that I did it and then tell me it wasn’t serious enough to rate punishment. I believe that’s a mistake. I think that domestic discipline is an all-or-nothing kind of practice. If I do something that I shouldn’t, regardless of how minor, I should face the consequences.

We’ve learned that a spanking is a spanking. A mild spanking for a minor offense simply doesn’t work. It’s a binary thing; either I’ve done something wrong or I haven’t. If I’ve done something wrong then I deserve punishment. I know other couples have made the same discovery. There is a threshold that has to be crossed before the punishment is meaningful.

I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that requires more serious punishment. If I do, I would expect that my spanking would become more severe and longer in duration. I’m pretty sure I won’t ever get to experience that. I don’t think I have any problem serious enough. At least I hope I don’t.

Now that I’m getting better we will return to the stricter disciplinary environment. I’m glad we will and I think Mrs. Lion is too.


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      It’s going slowly. Every day in the morning I think things are better, but by dinnertime and back to having cramps. However, I think there is a slow recovery going on. At least I hope there is.

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