If you read Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday (“The Big O and Then Oh No“), you would already know that I had an orgasm on Sunday night. It was after 23 days of waiting. Admittedly, most of the time I wasn’t interested in sex. My stomach problem is slowly going away and my libido has returned (obviously!). This is the fifth orgasm in a row that Mrs. Lion has produced orally. I love the trend.

After Mrs. Lion read my post for yesterday (“A Near Miss “), I asked her about her feelings when it came to discipline. Her reply was very interesting. She reiterated that she likes catching me breaking rules. She enjoys finding errors. When we watch TV or movies, she regularly points out continuity errors. Catching me is the same sort of fun for her. What about spanking for me?

lion's spanked buns
Forgot to set up the coffee pot.

She said that it wasn’t fun for her. I pressed a bit more. If not fun, what then? “It’s just something I do.” She went on to explain that she doesn’t mind spanking me. It just isn’t fun for her. It’s emotionally neutral. Fair enough. If she dislikes spanking. she might avoid it. If she likes it, she might look for reasons to paddle me. Actually she does look for reasons to punish me. She loves catching me. Her reward is discovering my infraction. The spanking that follows is just the normal result of her discovery.

It works…up to a point. There is a rock-solid connection between breaking an explicit rule and spanking me. The disconnect occurs when she is the injured party. For example, a spanking is inevitable if I fail to set up the coffee pot, eat first, or forget to announce punishment day. I am also forbidden to interrupt her or act like a know-it-all. Most of the time she lets me know if I break one of those rules, but she doesn’t follow through with her paddle.

It’s very odd. She will tell me I interrupted her. When there is no followup, I sometimes ask if I will be punished. She always says, “It wasn’t that serious.” When it comes to any other rule, seriousness has nothing to do with my fate. Break it and get spanked. It’s binary. If Mrs. Lion minded spanking me, I could see that she might try to avoid doing it. But that’s not the case. She doesn’t mind at all. If she feels too tired or uncomfortable at the time I break the rule, she punishes me the next day.

We have never had any standard of what is serious enough for me to be punished. We learned a long time ago that consistency is crucial in our DD relationship. The only exception Mrs. Lion has made to break the rules that don’t involve her directly has been when I was sick. Even then, she has not given me many passes.

I think it is important that she uses her talents to spot offenses and call me out for behaviors she doesn’t like. It’s just as important to follow through. I suspect it is easier to spank me for the somewhat arbitrary rules that have no emotional loading. It’s harder to extend punishment for things that actually make her unhappy.

Speaking strictly for myself, I know I will be happier and more secure if Mrs. Lion is just as consistent with enforcing interruptions and other rude behavior. It worries me when she lets things go. It keeps us from having a clean slate.


  1. I’m glad you are getting better) and glad you arechecking those details with Mrs. Lion 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks, Mary. I make sure that I understand what Mrs. Lion is thinking.

      1. Oh dear, you write this and then you forget the coffee pot again.

        1. Author

          I’m embarrassed.

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