For the record, Mrs. Lion and I don’t read each other’s posts before we write our own. Her post on Friday afternoon and mine yesterday morning were very similar and addressed the same issue. I wrote mine before she published hers. Clearly the same thing was on both of our minds. I did check out one of my assumptions. I said that I didn’t think women spend much time thinking about penises, or for that matter, chastity devices. Mrs. Lion said that she doesn’t think about either very often. I’m not surprised. I think about mine quite a bit. Actually, when I’m wild I don’t think about my penis too much at all. When I’m caged, it’s hard to ignore.

There is one very big difference between human sexuality and sexual behavior by most other mammals (primates excluded). Other mammals like lions, don’t spend any time dealing with being horny unless a female is ready to accept them. I’m not saying that lions are never horny if they aren’t near a female in heat. Of course, they get that way. But it’s nothing like the near-continuous heat that humans like me feel.

I can’t know what goes on in a real lion’s mind. But based on observed behavior, we know that they don’t behave sexually unless near female in heat. When I’m wild, being a primate, I exhibit and express sexual arousal whether or not I am with a female ready to accept me. Sex for us primates has more social value than reproductive motivation. When I am in a male chastity device, I still may have the sexual thoughts but physically I’m unavailable until my mate unlocks me and allows me to express myself.

That’s what makes wearing a male chastity device both frustrating and very interesting. Aside from the obvious power exchange, sex for me is 100% controlled by circumstance. I need my keyholder to release me before I can have so much as an erection. When her interest fades, I’m locked in again and my penis has no sexual function.

I wonder if this dramatic loss of physical sexual control ripples out to my mental state. Once the novelty of losing the ability to control when my penis is aroused and ejaculates, do I stop wasting time thinking about all the nice things I could do with it? The Victorians believed that if boys were allowed to masturbate they would lose intelligence and eventually go insane.

Obviously that’s not true. But could it be that deprived of the ability to ejaculate, boys found other things to do? Perhaps paying more attention in school is a byproduct of being forcibly sexually repressed. Perhaps offering more nonsexual attention and focus to my mate is a result of my sexual repression.

Many generations of Western civilization believed the biblical admonition against spilling one’s own seed. I could see that driving certain extremists to devise physical methods to prevent adolescent and unmarried male sin. I don’t think the Victorian obsession with male masturbation was entirely biblical. There had to be some “evidence” that led them to this action.

I wonder if there are changes in my behavior brought on by being locked in a male chastity device. Certainly I don’t make any attempt to turn myself on while wearing the device. I know it is futile and not even frustrating, just annoying. So I don’t bother. I still have sexual thoughts and fantasies. But they stay in my head. I don’t find myself starting to get hard when I think about such things. My body knows better.

I have read posts by some men who like the idea that the chastity device makes their penises disappear. They like being sexual vessels able to provide pleasure to others without needing to expose their own sexual desires. Some apparently like being aroused but resist ejaculating. The highly controlled environment of being in an enforced male chastity situation supports both of those scenarios. I like the idea that I no longer control the sexual use of my penis. I like that only Mrs. Lion can arouse me and, if she wishes, make me ejaculate.

There are probably many other ways enforced male chastity changes men’s behavior. The changes don’t seem to depend on the frequency the male is allowed to ejaculate. The long term physical restraint of the penis causes changes. I don’t think anybody has done studies on the sexual changes induced by wearing a chastity device. It would be interesting to learn from a larger sample.

If you wear a device, have you observed changes that you could attribute to having your penis locked up?


  1. Hello mr. Lion.

    Just keep in mind that humans are the most sex-driven mammels in the world.
    The chastity device keeps a man from masturbating, but doesn’t stop the ‘thinking’ about masturbating or having sex with your loved one.
    The cage is a constant reminder and, therefor, a double edged sword.
    You shouldn’t feel bad about it.

    I am caged 4 days a year, when we go out to a BDSM-studio and play a BDSM-game.
    It’s enough for us.

    Kind regards,

    Marco (from Lindsay)

    1. Author

      Actually we aren’t. We aren’t even the most sex-driven primates. Sure, we like sex but we find time to create great art, music, and other stuff too. When Mrs. Lion teases me, I feel like the most sex-driven critter.

  2. As you know I’m in a cage almost all the time. I often get aroused while in the cage and like the feeling of confinement (usually—sometimes it can be unpleasant!). I can’t say that anything in particular is happening—certainly objectively, but I do feel that Angus isn’t quite as large as he once was. This is totally subjective and may have absolutely no bearing in fact. Still it is a feeling I have.
    I have no issues with obtaining erections and get to the edge quite regularly. But as you once again know, I seldom orgasm—but that is my Queen’s decision.

    1. Author

      We are all wired differently. I get the feeling you like being made to wait so long. 🙂

      1. It’s true. I do. But you know when you’re at the edge, it’s hard to behave! lol

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