Failure: Day 2

I was determined to start playing with Lion a little earlier than usual last night. I got him home from physical therapy before 5. He took a shower. He climbed into bed to warm up and a few minutes later I heard him snoring. I took my Jeopardy! test at 6. It was fairly frustrating. They weren’t necessarily difficult questions (some were) but it took longer than the allotted 15 seconds to think of the answer and type it for many of them. I doubt I did well enough to get a call back. Oh well. I tried.

After my test I started dinner. Well, I tried to start dinner. After the potatoes had been in the oven for ten minutes, and I was about to add the pork, I realized I never turned the oven on. Duh! It doesn’t work very well if it’s not on. So that delayed dinner. But we weren’t in any worse shape than usual. I just had to make sure we still started earlier.

When I did unlock him, I had some trouble. There’s a trick to getting the key in without pinching and with removing a piece of the cage without pinching. I already had the Magic Wand in place and went to work arousing him. The first thing to note is that he wasn’t as excited as he was the night before. It was an uphill battle from the start.

Usually the Magic Wand makes him spring to attention. Not this time. He managed to get a little hard but it was short lived. Then he was back. And gone again. After a while I said he didn’t seem to be into it. He agreed. I assumed he was tired. He assumed his upset tummy played a bigger part. Either way, we were done.

I wonder if he’s unwilling to give up because he doesn’t want to disappoint me or if he’s just hoping something will happen. I know I don’t give up because I don’t want him to think I’m tired of playing with him. In a way, our stubbornness is our downfall. If he’d say he just didn’t feel like doing anything, then…well I don’t want to say it would save us both time. But if we’re each trying not to disappoint the other, it’s sort of a losing battle sometimes.

I don’t know if we’ll do anything tonight. I slept all night but I’m really tired today. Plus, it should be Friday. Everyone at work agrees. It has some nerve only being Thursday. Being tired doesn’t help that feeling at all. On the other hand, I may wake up later and be ready to rock Lion’s world. Of course, it depends what Lion feels like too. We shall see.