Red Light Green Light

Lion likes things to be black and white. Now he can have that…well…red and green.

The other day Lion said one reason he likes wearing the cage is that if it’s on there’s no chance for sex and if it’s off there’s the possibility. It’s very black and white. On or off. Yes or no. Without the signal of the cage, things are ambiguous. While I may be laid back and take things as they come, Lion likes more structure. With that in mind, I did some shopping.

In his post, Lion suggested the possibility of having some sort of traffic signal. Red light means the weenie will not receive any attention. Green light, of course, means go. A traffic signal. Hmmm…. Knowing that Amazon has everything, I started my search there. For about $600 I could get a fairly real looking traffic signal. Score! Well, no. I’m not spending $600 to tell Lion if he will or will not get lucky. Further research finally revealed the item in the picture. Now whenever Lion is wild for an extended period of time I’ll have a way to tell him if he can expect some loving.

Obviously, we could have just talked about it, but that didn’t always work for us. If, like yesterday, I was tired and told Lion I was falling asleep at work and still felt too tired to move, he could ask me if we were going to play. Fair enough. I did not flat out say that he was out of luck. I did not fall asleep watching TV like he did a few times. I did not hold up a red signal. I did not say no. No means no. Not no means yes or maybe.

I don’t have any plans to leave Lion wild at any point in the near future. Whether it’s working or not to make him more excited and easier to edge, a male chastity aficionado should be caged. Whether or not I like locking and unlocking him, he should be caged. Whether or not I can trust him not to masturbate, he should be caged. Now that he’s got this racy red Ferrari colored cage, he needs to strut his stuff even if it is just around the house.

Of course, there exists the possibility that Lion will develop a sore and I’ll probably want him wild when we’re camping. At some point he may need to be wild for a doctor visit. The point is, there are times he’ll be wild. I may even decide May is wild month. We had Unlocktober. Why not wild month? What about wild Wednesday? I don’t know. Just spit balling. When my red light green light arrives tomorrow, I’ll have a way to signal Lion.

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  1. I know I always feel a little disappointed when I’m told to uncage for an event or for a few days. To play is ok, but I like to be told to recage afterwards.

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