Lion Was a Bad, Bad Boy

lion's punishment stool
Lion’s punishment stool with the coir welcome mat on top. Those tabs I cut are designed to catch his balls.

I didn’t get much accomplished yesterday. Mid-afternoon we decided we needed to go to the store. I was trying to avoid all stores since it’s the weekend before Christmas, but we needed things for Christmas dinner. As it turned out, the grocery store was not all that crowded. We piled our cart high with necessities and non-necessities, grabbed Chinese take out and had a date night watching “Love Actually”. It’s one of my favorite movies.

Lion started the wax early so we could finish at a reasonable time, but then we went shopping and that always takes more time than I think it should. We were back after 5 and I had to put all the food away before our dinner got cold. Lion asked if we’d do the waxing. When I said no he was disappointed. Wouldn’t that have been the same thing as doing it after work? No, thank you. However, now it’s hanging over my head today. The wax is currently melting and maybe I can get it the hell out of the way before the day is completely shot again.

Since Lion had his orgasm Friday night and we were having date night watching a movie, we didn’t do anything sexual. We held hands and snuggled a bit. I’m not sure Lion was looking for anything other than maybe anal play anyway. Oddly enough, to me, date night means watching a movie and not necessarily doing anything sexual.

Somewhere around dinnertime, I realized Lion hadn’t reminded me of punishment day. It was still early so I didn’t say anything. He had time. This morning, I told him he was in trouble. He had no idea why. For some reason he has trouble remembering Saturday punishment day. He’s been punished for it in the past and apparently even that didn’t help. He wondered what his punishment was going to be. Without thinking I said a spanking. Then I remembered it should be a funishment. The problem with that is that it’s a repeat offense. What if he completely loses his mind and eats first three days out of a week? Should that still get a funishment? I think it should escalate to a spanking. And to think, I nearly did away with that rule. Silly me!

When I went out to start breakfast, I realized Lion didn’t put the coffee pot together. This is a fairly new rule and he’s been doing very well with it. Again, it seems like weekends are a problem for his memory. This is definitely a funishment rule. It only warrants a mouth soaping or time on the punishment stool. Since he’s getting spanked tonight, I think he should sit his sore bottom on the punishment stool. I’ll have to decide if he does it with or without the welcome mat. The punishment stool, if you remember, has rough stair tread on the surface already. Adding the welcome mat to it just makes it more prickly when the coconut husks dig into his buns. It’s particularly painful after a good spanking.

I’m sure Lion won’t forget punishment day or the coffee pot for at least a week. Saturday is coming up all too soon though. Let’s see if he’s learned his lesson.