scratchy welcome mat
This is as scratchy as it looks. Lion won’t like sitting on it.

Ha! Lion won’t find this very welcoming. I was trying to come up with ideas about ways to make the punishment stool even less inviting. One idea I had was to get a door mat that I could affix a part of to the punishment stool when I feel Lion needs a little bit less comfort. I was vacillating between a traditional coconut mat or a mat with plastic fingers. Lion solved that quandary for me by picking up the mat shown at the right. He’s such a good boy and usually master of his own demise.

Mr. Glutton-for-Punishment also suggested we cut a flap that would maintain contact with his balls if they hung down over the edge of the stool. Hmmm… and here I was just going to cut it in a circle and figure out a way to attach it to the stool with no flap. Good idea, my pet. I’m sure you won’t think so once you’re sitting on it. I can tell you that I’ve accidentally rubbed against it with my arm in its current position hanging over a chair, and it is not a good feeling even on non-spanked skin.

Another thought I had was to get a cushion for the stool, something that slips over it and attaches with elastic or ties, remove the cushioning and insert beads or oddly-shaped objects that will dig into Lion’s freshly whomped butt. I do have my sadistic moments. In having multiple tops for the stool, Lion will never know what to expect when I say he’ll have corner time on the stool. For all he knows, I might have something soft for him to sit on. Not likely, but possible.

He’s off on a business trip this week so I’ll try to bring an idea or two to fruition. It will certainly give new meaning to the phrase, “Welcome home.”