Welcome to Your Sore Buns, Lion

welcome mat for punishment stool
Lion’s sore butt will spend some quality time with this punishment stool cover.

I’m waiting for yet another repair/delivery person. I haven’t been sitting around twiddling my thumbs though. I’ve been marking and cutting the welcome mat for the punishment stool. We were wondering what we’d need to get through the rubber and coconut husk. It turns out a regular box cutter (razor blade) made it through the thin rubber without too much trouble and the coconut husk just went along for the ride.

I left three flaps to attach the mat to the stool to keep it from sliding when Lion sits on it. I’m still in the designing phase as to what the fasteners will actually be. I was thinking of buying some sort of strap. Then I thought I could make a strap. My concern is that the mat will tear once I cut slits for the strap. I may be overthinking. There shouldn’t be too much pressure on the slits. I’m only trying to hold it steady. Lion won’t want to wiggle very much I’m sure.

The longer flap on the right is for making contact with Lion’s balls and weenie. In the picture I have a piece of plastic holding the flap up. We need to find something to keep the flap from sagging. If the plastic is strong enough I can glue it in place. I’m a little unsure of the size and shape of the flap. I didn’t want it too big but I didn’t want it too small. I’m also wondering about rounding the end. I want a certain amount of Lion pain but I want to control the amount. I may want to keep my options open by having something that holds it up when I want it and doesn’t when I don’t.

Whatever I decide, Lion is in for some nasty corner time. Just what he wanted. Silly boy.


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