Waxing Mistake

The wax wasn’t melted when I got home last night. We decided to have dinner and then do the waxing. Mistake! After barely finishing the front of Lion’s left leg and doing a bit more on his right, I got so nauseous I had to stop. Then I was freezing. A hot shower helped a little bit but I was out of commission for the night.

I felt bad letting him down. We had plans to play too. This is why I’m reluctant to make plans. It’s also why I should never have done more than the Lionzilian on Sunday. Unless I start waxing on Saturday and can finish on Sunday, I should never bite off more than I can chew. I told myself I was only going to do the Lionzilian and maybe his pits but I know he hates it all so I kept going. Now he’s mangy looking with half a leg of fur here and half a leg of fur there – a werelion and it’s not even a full moon.

I was still feeling some nausea this morning but I was willing to try waxing again tonight, definitely before dinner. Lion told me not to push myself. I’ll see how I feel later, but I’m more inclined to save my energy for Lion play than Lion waxing. To me, keeping him horny (assuming he is still horny) is more important than a baby smooth Lion. Besides, I have new toys to try on him.

Extreme Restraints is having a Christmas sale. Lion snagged a free vibrator one day and then I asked him to get a vibrating butt plug on another day. I also ordered a fingertip vibrator from Amazon. I’m interested to see how Lion reacts to these new acquisitions. We didn’t do any anal training on Sunday or last night. From a consistency point of view, we need to do something tonight. I don’t know if it will be fingers, a butt plug or the vibrating butt plug, but it needs to be something.

Depending on what kind of anal attention I give him, I can use the fingertip vibrator to give him a hand job. I don’t want to overstimulate him with vibrators. I could also go to the old standby of oral sex. He’d love that. Of course, this is all contingent upon how I feel but I think I should be able to manage some anal training and at least a hand job of some sort. My Lion needs attention.