Day of the Lion

His office is improved, he’s half hairless, and very horny
It doesn’t take a lot of oral attention to make Lion very horny. He doesn’t need to go to the edge after all.

My plans actually worked out fairly well yesterday. I wanted to run our errand early and spend the rest of the day working on Lion’s office and on waxing him. And that’s just what we did.

I helped Lion clear some clutter and set up a different lamp so he can see his keyboard better. We set up the new Echo Show so he can see who’s at the door with the Ring doorbell. While we did this, the wax was melting. Once it was ready, I dragged the waxing table into the bedroom and set it up.

I know Lion wanted everything waxed. I wasn’t really willing to do that, but I had no idea what his biggest issues were with fur. He directed me to the Lion-zilian I’d done a few weeks ago. “There’s a lot of hair there,” he insisted. Well, there wasn’t a lot. Not in comparison to the rest of him. But I set to work.

He’s been complaining about his pits. He’s been complaining about his chest. And legs. And why can’t I just dip him in wax and yank the whole thing off at once?

I started with the Lion-zilian, did a little bit more of his tummy and upper thighs and then I made the mistake of asking what area was bugging him the most. Of course, all of it was bothering him. I wasn’t prepared to do everything, but there we were, naked Lion on a waxing table, so I started at the top and worked my way down.

I decided to do the front side at least. That would mean doing the back side tonight, but so be it. Unfortunately, my back decided otherwise. With only patches of fur removed from his thighs, I had to stop. Now I have to do almost all of his legs and his entire back side tonight. The good part is that his back is less furry so it shouldn’t take as much time as the front.

I sat down to give my back some rest. Lion took a shower and we watched TV. He asked what we should have for dinner. I suggested pasta and he fell asleep. I get it. Lots of activity.

After dinner and my shower, I told Lion to present his butt for spanking. He’d interrupted me before dinner. I was tired and he’d pushed the wrong button. We decided the mean paddle I used is more prone to making him bleed. I couldn’t really get a full spanking in because I would have splattered blood everywhere. I cleaned him off and then called him into the bathroom for his mouth soaping. See? Eventually I get things done. [Lion — She certainly does!]

Then we watched our football team actually win a game. It’s been weeks and weeks since they’ve won. And then Lion wanted weenie attention. I asked how he could expect weenie attention after all the other attention he’d had. I’m sure he didn’t really expect it. It was more of a “poor Lion is so horny and no one will play” thing.

Part of me was tired and thought it was just too damn bad that he wanted attention. I’d worked on his office. I’d waxed him. I’d spanked him and soaped his mouth. What more does he want? Another part of me was happy he was horny and I didn’t want to discourage him. I decided to suck him just long enough to make him hornier without actually going as far as the edge. That would have taken too long, I think. So I guess it was the best of both worlds. He got attention. And it wasn’t a big deal for me to expend that amount of energy to make him hornier. [Lion — It was amazing!!]

Tonight will still be busy and tiring but I’ll make sure to frustrate Lion even more. I don’t know if I’ll get him to the edge or not. The hornier he gets, maybe the less time it will take to get him to the edge. That’s the theory at least.

[Lion — Edge or not, her mouth leaves me panting for more!]

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