We stayed a long time at the casino last night. Right off the bat, Lion was up a lot of money. He hit some very good spins. When we moved to different machines, I did a little better. We ate dinner late, played more slots, and left about 11 or so. That’s a long time to be sitting in largely the same position. Granted, I sit all day for work, but I move around more. Once we got home and washed the casino smell off, we didn’t fair much better getting to sleep. I think it was close to 3 before we finally called it.

This morning, I was cold, and my shoulder hurt. I think the position of my arm while hitting the spin button, coupled with the length of time, did me in. I’ll wax Lion today, but that may be the extent of my movements. Unfortunately, I do have to clear off the waxing table. I’ve started melting the new wax we have. I think it’s a lower temperature wax that says to melt it to a creamy consistency. I have no idea how long that will take to melt. Of course, I never know how long the other wax will take either.

Sometimes, I wind up burning Lion’s balls when I wax him. Not really burning them, but it’s quite a shock for him. I try to make sure the temperature is turned down and I wave the applicator around to dissipate the heat, but it doesn’t always work. It will be interesting to see how this new wax works. Maybe I won’t need to wave it around. It’s the first time trying new wax in a very long time.

I whomped Lion’s buns before we went to the casino yesterday. Unfortunately, the chairs are too comfy for a freshly whomped butt and he didn’t feel the effects. I noticed he had some marks this morning. I made him bleed because I used mostly wooden paddles with a few rubber ones mixed in. I didn’t even spank him for the full ten minutes. I stopped at five minutes because he was sufficiently red. I put some healing lotion on him, and off we went. I haven’t heard a pain report this morning, so I assume it isn’t an issue.

He said it sounded like I was enjoying myself while I swatted him. I still think he confuses pageantry with enjoying myself. I may be admiring a job well done, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy to be spanking him. It’s a necessary evil. It benefits both of us. I don’t like it any more than he does.

This weekend, apparently, is for catching up on things. I’ve been doing laundry pretty much non-stop since this morning. I get behind on comforters and towels. Lion asked if I could wax him. I don’t remember the last time I did that. It’s long overdue. And, of course, Lion “needs” an orgasm. I put that in quotes because he may want one, but he never really needs one. Ironically, if he hadn’t asked me to wax him, he would have had it today. Now he’ll wait until I’m cleaning him up from waxing him. I wouldn’t want him to miss out on an oily hand job. That just leaves spanking and edging for today.

I know I’ll definitely spank him today. We’ve been out of sorts with sex lately. As much as Lion claims not to have enjoyed my hands running all over him a few weeks ago, I think he really likes that part of waxing. I don’t think he likes getting hair yanked out. He likes when I rub oil on him to loosen up the wax residue. Of course, that’s especially true once I get to his weenie. Last time I waxed him, I purposely ignored his weenie until the very end. I used to give it a coat of wax as a preview. Last time I made him wait. I’m not even sure he realized it. Sometimes I do things, thinking it will have some impact on him and he hasn’t even noticed. Other times, I don’t do something on purpose, and he thinks I did. Oh well. [Lion — I noticed!]

Today’s spanking is a regular punishment day spanking. He hasn’t done anything wrong. Well, nothing that would get him punished. He hasn’t been pushing my buttons at all. Could it be that he doesn’t want to be spanked? No, that can’t be it. He loves the thought of a sore butt. Just the thought, though.

Lion did not get a punishment day spanking last night. He was still sore from his actual punishment, and I didn’t want to add insult to injury. By rights, I suppose I should have punished him for his reaction to his punishment spanking. He made me feel bad. But, again, I didn’t want to add insult to injury. On the plus side, he says he has some bruises, so I know I did a good job. I guess his foul mood was an indication I did a good job, too.

Tomorrow is punishment day again. It’s also football day. I don’t know which way he’ll get more swats, but we’ll be playing the football swat game. We don’t have many weeks left of the season and we have to make the most of what we have. I’ve lost track of how many swats he gets per point. I know it was tied to the number of losses somehow. I think there was a base of three swats and then we added in the number of losses. Whether that was the rationale or not, he’ll get eight swats per point and eight swats for each sack against our quarterback. He may wish I opted for the five-minute punishment day spanking.

I was supposed to wax him last Sunday. That was too much given the fact that I’d just gotten home late Saturday. Monday didn’t work. I had other things that needed to be done. Tuesday didn’t work either. By Wednesday, I’d decided to push it off until today. My new company is very generous with holidays. Even though Christmas is on Sunday, they give us Friday and Monday off. Hence, I have a free day to wax Lion.

Last night, when I was idly playing with my weenie under the covers, I mentioned that he’d have the benefit of an oily hand job today. My last stop on the “cleaning the wax off” train is a liberal amount of oil on my weenie. Once it’s slippery, I can make Lion very hard. He just had an orgasm a few days ago, so I’m not too sure how horny he’ll be. However, he usually gets hard when I clean him off with oil. It’s the best part of waxing him.

Yesterday was punishment day. It was the third one since we started our latest experiment. I didn’t spank him on Saturday because I wasn’t feeling all that great. I couldn’t let two punishment days go by without swatting his sexy little tush. This time I used the bloodwood paddle with the rounded head. He wasn’t happy with that choice.

I finished straightening up the pantry while the wax was melting. All the stock was rotated, so we’ll eat the oldest stuff first. I can actually see how much of any given thing I have, so we don’t wind up buying things we already have. For a while, every time we’d go to Costco, I’d say we needed toilet paper. We wound up with a lot more than we needed. Maybe I was prescient, thinking about the pandemic.

I waxed Lion. I’d let it go for much longer than a month. His fur was pretty long. He didn’t seem to have more hair than normal. It was just longer. It was far beyond tickling my nose. I’ll have to keep better track of the timing. Not that it matters much. It’s not any harder to wax longer hair. To a point, of course. I couldn’t wax his head, for example, without chopping most of the hair off to start. Luckily, the hair on his balls and the base of his penis never get that long.

I always end the waxing session by oiling him up to remove any remaining wax. The very last thing I do is oil up my weenie. It feels nice to me, and to him, I’m sure, to have a well-lubricated weenie to play with. I didn’t really expect him to get super hard. He’d just had an orgasm the night before. But he did get a little excited. And then he went off to take a shower.

My back was a little sore after waxing him, so I lay on the bed while he showered. I figured I’d give him a little bit to warm up. He’s always cold. Then he was hungry. Off I went to make dinner. No spanking before dinner. When I got up to do the dishes, I realized how stiff I was from waxing. Lion was so nice. He told me I didn’t have to spank him if my back hurt. What a guy! Never fear. I was able to soldier on with the five-minute spanking.

It was a combination of steady not-too-hard swats with a stronger swat mixed in every now and then. Obviously, he didn’t like the harder ones. Wood paddles will do that to a guy. I wasn’t even hitting all that hard. If it had been an actual punishment, he probably would have been bruised by the end if I stuck to that paddle. As it was, he had the beginning of a blood spot forming. And then the timer went off. Saved by the bell.